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Kennedy half dollars do be weighed on scale

Kennedy Half DollarGross WeightSilver ContentValue
Minted in 196412.50 grams90% pure silver$10.28
Minted 1965 to 197011.50 grams40% pure silver$3.15
Minted in or after 197111.34 gramsno silverHalf Dollar

Kennedy Silver Half Dollar Value

While the value of a Kennedy half dollar made in 1964 is $10.28 today, the value of a Kennedy silver half dollar made between 1965 and 1970 is only $3.11. Again, the different alloys used to mint the Kennedy coins are responsible for the different values.

4 Kennedy half dollars on 100 dollar bills

1964 Kennedy half dollars in really great condition (depending on the grade) can be worth between $13 and $20 each. Keep an eye out for Kennedy’s heavily accented hair. Those coins can be worth up to $45 per coin if the condition is very good. And if the coin is graded and uncirculated, you may hit a small jackpot. Those coins can be very valuable.

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The Kennedy Silver Half Dollar Coin Family

The Kennedy half dollars were introduced in America in honor of the assassinated president J.F. Kennedy. When the silver coins were first introduced, they were hoarded, as they contained vast amounts of silver. Hoarding led to an increased price of silver, and as a result, people who had the currency were melting and selling it. The realization led to decreased use of the amount of silver in the coins to 40% of the initial content.

After much circulation of the Kennedy half dollar, it became cheaper than the walking liberty half dollar and the Franklin half dollar. The Kennedy half dollars were minted more than the other two, which had been in production for over 32 years. As a result, the Kennedy half dollar is the most common currency due to its circulation in the 60s.

During the release of the coins, there was a huge demand for them, which led to increased minting of the coins. More than 160 million coins had been produced, yet there was no sign of them. People were hoarding them; Congress thus approved the minting of more than 430 million coins. During this period, the silver reserves were running out, and the price of the metal was rising. In 1965, Congress passed a coinage act that reduced the amount of silver in silver dollars; the coins were then produced with 80% silver and 20% copper.

Over the years, the silver content of the coin has varied. Before 1965 it contained about 0.36169 ounces of silver. That means that when melted, a bag containing 1000 coins had silver that weighed 718-720 ounces. In 1970, President Richard Nixon signed a bill to eliminate the Kennedy silver half dollar. The law was met with mixed feelings from republicans, prompting other methods to be considered. Mint director Mary Brooks devised that the other way would be to reverse design the coins. The technique was accepted and eventually led to the end of the Kennedy half dollar silver coins.

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Kennedy half dollar silver coins about to ship and sell

Kennedy Dollar Without Silver

Kennedy half dollar coins made after 1971 don’t contain any pure silver. Most of those coins are worth their face value—a half dollar/50 cents—but usually no more. Kennedy half dollars containing no pure silver weigh 11.34 grams. If you have an accurate scale at home, you can identify those coins just by weighing them, without having to check the year of mintage.

Kennedy half dollar coins made of copper and nickel

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