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Longines is one of the longest existing watch-manufactures with an exciting history beginning in 1832 as Henri Raiguel, Florian Morel and Auguste Agassiz opened a watchmaker store in Saint-Imier, Switzerland. From the earliest beginning, Longines watches are known for best quality and precise movements. The company produced its watches at the same location where they got sold. The lot was named “Les Longines” and this inspired the founders to name their watches Longines. If you have a very antique, vintage, rare or even modern Longines watch to sell, contact We offer the highest prices for Longines watches and can serve you with best advice and professional knowledge. And just to let you know: we are really willing to buy Longines watches for high prices. We don’t calculate our purchase price just by looking at the material value like many of our competitors. And dear sellers, it really happens that watch buyers just offer the gold value or less than the gold value. It’s also a true story that a Longines watch was offered to watch buyers in the famous 47th street in New York. Some of these guys wanted to pay less money than the material value. Only the gold value reflected about $500 but we even got offered less than that. It’s hard to believe but true. Don’t get us wrong but you can sell Longines watches also to very reliable guys but finding these honest buyers can become a hard mission of wasting time and nerves. We want to prevent you from making bad experiences. Get started online and sell Longines watches right now for best prices. If you have generally questions, call or text our support. For expert knowledge, Steve Redrich is happy to answer your questions.

Model Sell it for
Longines Diver, 7150-1 Gilt Dial, 7150-1 up to $7,000
Longines Fly-Back chronograph, caliber 13ZN, 18K gold up to $6,000
Longines Monopuscher Military, caliber 13 ZN up to $6,000
Longines automatic chronograph 7981-1 30CH up to $4,000
Longines Lindbergh, Ref. 989.5216, 18K gold up to $3,900
Longines Heritage Avigation MENS L2.779.4.53.2 – L27794532 up to $3,500
Longines Mono pusher chronograph, 13.33z made of sterling silver, 1926 up to $3,000
Longines British Military Paratroopers COSD, 1940s up to $2,700
Longines Evidenza EFCº, made of 18K yellow gold, L2.643.8 up to $2,500
Longines Dolce Vita L5.155.6, quartz made of 18K gold up to $1,750
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Longines watches: sell a piece of eventful past

In 1862 Francillon, nephew to Auguste Agassiz, became the new general manager of the company. He bought a lot on a new location and built a new watch making manufactory. Believe it or not, in 1889 Longines became the first registered watch factory from all over the world. Some collectors or families with long traditions own such very antique Longines watches. From time to time it happen that historic Longines watches are offered for selling. is very happy to announce that selling rarest Longines watches is possible too. We have the ability to deal with earliest Longines watches as well as with modern watches from the last decades. Watches made in 1890, 1910, 1950, 1980, 2000 or 2015 are very welcomed in our laboratory.

Our experts know how to deal with rare Longines watches: during the evaluation process they wear cotton gloves. Each step is video-recorded and well-conceived. Very rare watches are determined in a group of 2 to 3 appraisers depending on the rarity, source and provenience. We want to ensure that you get offered a very high price for your Longines watches. Sell Longines watches with us and enjoy the most convenient selling process that you can imagine. After starting online and telling us some information concerning you and your Longines watch, just sit back and wait for your offer. Your offer arrives on the same day after your Longines has arrived in our laboratory. It contains a short report for your records and the inquiry to proceed with the payout. If you agree to the offer, closing happens on the same day accompanied with an instant payment. That’s an awesome Longines watch selling service.

Sell all types of Longines watches with us

Longines produces wristwatches with quartz movements, mechanical watches and lots of other watches for men as well as for women: precise chronometers even used in 1952 during the Olympic Games in Oslo, chronographs and other measuring instruments. You can sell all different types of Longines watches with us. We really don’t care. Please consider that we also accept watches that have stopped running. Our trained and long lasting watchmakers can check if there is a grave damage or if only maintaining the movement is sufficient to get the watch repaired. Especially very old watches often just need to be cleaned to get them run precise again.

Selling vintage or modern Longines watches is a pleasure with us. From time to time we are asked if we are also interested in very modern Longines watches. Sadly, many people think that modern Longines watches are not so valuable anymore. Well it’s true that Longines had to do some homework. They reduced the quantity of series and models to get back to their roots of selling only very best quality. In the 1990s, Longines had not the best reputation. This wide-spread view changed at the beginning of the early 2000s. Longines watches are again characterized as watches made of best quality, workmanship and materials. And dear customers, you can sell even modern Longines watches made in the 1990s with us. We know how to appraise them. Go ahead and start selling now we buy all kind of luxury watches.

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