Sell Canadian Maple Leaf Silver Coins

Sell your Maple Leaf silver coins to reDollar – the best place in the United States to sell for the highest possible price. We pay almost the spot price for your Maple Leaf silver coins what equals $29.25 today and even more if you have coins in proof grade or special edition coins to sell.

Appraisal and Selling Kit for Maple Leaf Silver Coins

Sell Maple Leaf silver coin in good condition $29.25
Sell Maple Leaf silver coin in scrap condition $29.25
Sell Maple Leaf silver coin in proof grade $41.00

1 oz Canadian Maple Leaf Silver Coin .999 Ag 25th Anniversary Maple Leaf Silver Coin 1 oz .999 Ag

We pledge, to offer the highest possible purchase price for your silver! One coin or hundreds of coins – we welcome them all.

Our Canadian neighbors proudly mint one of the most sought after silver investment coins. Don’t sell your Canadian Maple Leafs for a bad price! Your silver beauties and your wallet deserve a great deal!

Sell your Maple Leaf silver coins

Maple Leaf silver coin on US dollars and box is the perfect place to sell Canadian Maple Leaf silver coins for a really high price. In contrast to pawn shops, gold buyers, jewelers or goldsmiths, reDollar has the ability to trade high volumes what makes it possible to offer the best prices available in the United States. We don’t differ between a single customer selling only one coin and a customer selling a punch of tubes to us. All sellers will receive the same reDollar benefits what means first you’ll get paid a great price and second you will get serviced with the most attention and the guarantee for a perfect selling experience. We offer easy to understand selling ways, meeting your personal needs. For a quick sale up to a couple of coins or some tubes, a reDollar Maple Leaf selling kit is the perfect way to your proceeds. High volume sellers are starting online for a free pick up of your Maple Leaf coins at a place of your convenience. If you prefer to handle the shipping on your own, just start online that we know you are going to mail in some coins and choose a carrier to ship by yourself. You get a delivery confirmation as soon as your Maple Leaf coins reached our laboratory. Our experts will unpack your coins using caution and handling your silver coins a way they deserve. We never scratch or file your Maple Leaf coins for authenticity checks because our high-tech equipment makes it possible to look inside your coins to understand if they are made throughout of the material we expect to be used for producing an authentic Maple Leaf.

More options to sell Canadian Maple Leaf silver coins

Maple Leaf silver coin hit by auction hammerMany people think about an auction first when they consider selling Maple Leaf silver coins. After checking rates with their local auctioneer or auction house, they know selling fees up to 35 percent can be a financial disaster. The second step before finding reDollar is often checking eBay. But even an online auction can sum up in the range of 15% of selling fees what is also a lot of money even if you just sell a tube of 25 coins. And don’t forget about the hassle you probably have to undergo. Unpaid item cases, negative feedback on your profile or even a total loss of your property in case of a lost shipment. It’s not worth to bear the risk of auctioning Maple Leaf silver coins when you now know about reDollar and our “can you believe how much they pay”- purchase prices.

The value of Maple Leaf silver coins

Maple Leaf silver coin value comparison with gold nuggets Most Maple Leaf silver coins are worth the current silver price. Depending on whether you plan to buy or sell, the price will be some points above or below their material value: a fair selling price is around 5% below spot price while an attractive buying option wants you to pay about 5% above spot. We at value both: tradeable coins and even damaged coins for a 5% spot deduction if you sell, what makes it very interesting to pick our company as your selling partner. But Canadian silver Maple Leaf coins can be worth more. Coins in proof grade are more attractive and sought after from collectors than from investors what is the reason why they are pricier than other coins. An investor mostly wants to buy a big amount of coins whereas a collector usually buys one particular coin.

  • Proof graded Maple Leaf coins were minted only in 1989 and 2010 so far

Special edition coins and Maple Leaf silver coins in low mintage are also more valuable than other coins. To the 10th anniversary of silver Maple Leafs the Royal Canadian Mint presented a $50, 10 ounce edition in .999 silver. Only 13,500 coins were minted from this anniversary edition while millions of normal graded coins are in circulation. It’s easy to understand that anniversary Maple Leafs run for more than other silver coins. Thus, their value is significantly higher. Also very interesting for collectors are the limited available silver Maple Leaf coins as 1/2 oz, 1/10 oz and even 1/20 oz edition. Also a coin called “SuperLeaf” is from high interest because of its low mintage and the special weight of 1.5 troy ounces.

Red-Colored Maple Leaf  Red-Colored Maple Leaf Silver Coin Pure Silver  5 oz Lustrous Maple Leaf 5 oz Lustrous Maple Leaf silver coin
Sell for $29.25 Sell for up to $153.79
 Maple Leaf Hologram-Set of 5 .999 Ag Maple Leaf hologram silver coin blue Gold Gilded Maple Leaf Gold gilded Maple Leaf silver coin 1 oz fine silver
Sell for up to $61.57 Sell for up to $30.76

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