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The majority of people think that only gold buyers, jewelers and other dealers dispose of melted gold. That’s a popular misconception because, here in the US, many private individuals are also lucky owners of melted gold besides companies. Heritages and other reasons can cause ownership of melted gold and it’s not always because of the deceased, rich uncle, running a pawn shop over the last centuries. Gold hides not only in jewelry, coins or ingots. Gold hides in electronic components like circuit boards, in medical works like dental gold or in innumerable parts of the automotive or aviation industries. America is a land of multi entrepreneurs and the odds of getting melted gold from a former businessman are still alive. You can sell melted gold with our company in knowledge of getting paid the highest prices for melted gold and precious metals of any amount. As you know, we serve individuals as well as commercial clients. As an outstanding benefit for companies, we don’t only pay the gold-content of your melted gold. We also pay for the most important by-metals such as silver, platinum or palladium. You can sell melted gold such as a single nugget or even hundreds of melted ounces.

Our current quotes for melted gold, delivered from commercial clients:

   sell 1 ounce for sell 1 dwt for  sell 1 gram for 
24 karat gold   $2355.91  $117.42  $75.75
22 karat gold  $2160.17  $107.66  $69.46
18 karat gold   $1768.70  $88.15 $56.87
14 karat gold   $1379.58  $68.76  $44.36

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Our current quotes for melted gold, delivered from individuals:

   sell 1 ounce for sell 1 dwt for  sell 1 gram for 
24 karat gold   $2185.89  $108.94  $70.29
22 karat gold  $2004.28  $99.89  $64.45
18 karat gold   $1641.06 $81.79  $52.77
14 karat gold   $1280.03  $63.80  $41.16

Sell melted gold and trust our precise evaluation

reDollar selling envelope for melted goldLots of companies insist to offer the best service for melted gold. But it needs more than just friendly words. If you want to do a good job, you need a laboratory and a melting division. To achieve a homogeneous alloy, is able to melt gold down, even when it’s already melted. The analysis method follows after the melting process. And our analysis methods are outstanding: we are able to do a chemical assay besides using professional X-ray machines to determine the precise metal content. Sell your melted gold with us and relax, thanks to our professionalism. Your melted gold is not just 14K or 18K gold to us. We determine the percentage of present gold in your melted bar like 78.5%, 72.9% or whatever. Plus, we determine the percentage of the most important by-metal like platinum or silver. Let’s assume your melted gold comes with a 7% share of platinum and the delivered weight shows 225.02 pennyweights. A 7% cut of 225.02 pennyweights equals 15.75 pennyweights. And 15.75 pennyweights of platinum are worth over $675.12, today. Awesome deal! Sell melted gold better with our company. Well, also other companies pay for by-metals but very often only big-players and only if you deliver huge amounts of precious metals. Small businesses often don’t get paid for by-metals.

Melting, Assay and Payment: sell melted gold in 3 simple steps

First, you start online if you are a private individual. Commercial clients call us to announce the delivery of melted gold. Our customer service representatives always discuss the value with you because we can only accept fully insured shipping’s of melted gold. All parcels are opened under video surveillance with the present security guard on duty. The whole process is recorded: unpack, first weighing, melting and final weighing. There are no leaks in our secure selling process. Melting is followed by assay. Depending on the amount and the type of gold, we run a chemical assay or a fast X-ray determination to ensure most precise results.

Sell melted gold: dental gold compositions, jewelry alloys or melted parts from electronics

We know that not only individuals have sometimes no knowledge about the composition of their melted gold. It happens also to commercial clients. Think about dental gold, for example. A gold buyer buys dental gold over weeks. One day he buys gold teeth reflecting 15K gold, another day 16K gold and another day 18K gold. Finally, he melts the dental gold down to get rid of the base metals. Getting rid of the base metals is the main reason of melting dental works. Buyers do that to get an idea of the net weight and not mainly because of determining the purity. Well, lots of buyers have equipment to check the purity but not all. Sell melted gold like dental gold, jewelry alloys or melted electronics with us. You will learn that the determined percentage of gold and other containing precious metals is very attractive and satisfying for you.

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