Sell your brand-new Michael Kors watch with box and papers!

Purchase Criteria for Michael Kors Watches

You probably changed your mind and the return window has closed? Great, reDollar is your buyer. We accept Michael Kors watches with original box and papers in brand-new condition. Please understand that we cannot buy any pre-owned Michael Kors watches.

The well-known fashion empire of Michael Kors is much more than just a brand name in Americas fashion industry. Mr. Michael Kors himself has made an unparalleled career as fashion designer of sportswear for women. But that’s by far not everything, the spectrum of fabulous pieces from the maison Michael Kors is much greater. The Michael Kors Holdings Limited produces clothing, bags, shoes, watches, and accessories such as jewelry, wallets, sunglasses, fragrance and beauty products. You see the variety of Michael Kors products is huge. We are specialized in Michael Kors watches. The exquisite and extravagant watch collections from the New York designer are almost everywhere highly sought-after. Not only Americans love and admire Michael Kors watches of every design, also Europeans and people from Asia became addicted to them. Sell Michael Kors watches with reDollar when you are in need of (extra) money or simply when you want to sell something that you don’t use anymore. The reason for your wish to sell your Kors watch is not important to us, we are discreet and professional. Our aim is to serve you with a first class transaction that means first class payment and first class customer service. A fancy piece like a Michael Kors watch needs a fancy selling spot, that’s what we are.

Sell Michael Kors watches of every kind with us

For all Ladies and Gentlemen out there who plan to sell their Michael Kors watches we can proudly announce that with reDollar you can sell every Michael Kors watch model. We love to accept latest models as well as older collections. The only exception applies for damaged Michael Kors watches. If just the battery of your watch doesn’t work anymore, no problem, that is something we can fix easily. But if your watch has grave damages, we can’t buy it. Don’t worry, we are sure you took great care of your Michael Kors watch and you kept it in good condition. If so, we guarantee top prices. Michael Kors gold-tone watches, silver-tone watches, stainless steel watches, leather watches, or even rose gold-tone watches. It’s our greatest pleasure to buy them all. If you have a Michael Kors watch and you would like to sell it quickly, you will find out soon that this is not as easy as you may have assumed. Local buyers and pawnbrokers offer terribly low prices for pre-owned Michael Kors watches, but only if they are willing to accept it. We often hear stories from clients that they were sent away because local buyers often refuse to buy fashion watches like Michael Kors watches. We don’t agree to a position like that. A Michael Kors watch is a trendy it-piece, highly sought-after from countless of fashionistas all over the world and therefore there is also a flourishing resale market for watches like that. In our opinion there is no reason for not accepting this great watches, even if they are not made of solid gold or from watch manufacturers of leading brands. Sell Michael Kors watches with us and don’t waste your time with frumpy buyers who don’t go with the time. Make a great selling deal with us, we promise you won’t regret it.

Price list for Michael Kors watches


Selling Michael Kors watches online is easy-peasy

The process of selling Michael Kors watches is super easy and convenient. Especially for our very busy clients who know how precious time is, we offer a very fast way of selling. When you’ve made your decision and you’d like to sell Michael Kors watches online with reDollar, then you can start the process just with a few clicks. Fill in our sales form and let us know some basics. We are no big fans of paperwork, so just a few details regarding your person and your selling objects are necessary to start the selling process. First step done. Then, you can choose a shipping method that suits you best. You can ship by yourself with a provided shipping label or you sell your Michael Kors watch by choosing a courier pick up as preferred shipping method. We as innovative online company offer our services to all Americans, independently from the location. That means that we operate from one think tank where everything is merged. No matter if you live in Seattle or New York, in a little village or in the remoteness. No problem at all! You can sell with us by shipping your assets to us. All mailings that will be organized from us, are fully covered, thanks to our insurance partner. You have no reason to worry about anything: all services for free, no obligation to sell, full coverage and instant payment guaranteed. We strictly follow our ethic codex which guarantees that our clients get served with the best advice, the most experience and get paid the highest prices. So what are you guys waiting for? Sell Michael Kors watches with reDollar, we bet you won’t find a better spot.

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