Sell my gold ring

Good question! So many people want to sell their gold rings which they have bought many years before and now the rings are out of fashion, or they sell it because they are in need of getting liquid funds, or they just want to get rid of old memories, in case of a divorce for example. The reasons why people want to sell their gold rings are countless. Once the decision is made the question comes up “where can I sell my gold ring”. And then the search for a reliable gold buyer begins. Hopefully the search ends right now because you just found reDollar, the first gold buyer on the internet but also if you prefer to sell to a local dealer please follow some important rules.

Should I sell my gold ring to a local gold buyer?

Yes and no. Local gold buyers can be very smart guys who maybe offer good prices and a good service but also the opposite can be the case. Our nationwide comparison has shown that most of the local gold buyers don’t offer a fair gold selling process. Our experience has shown that many of the gold buyers don’t act very transparent. If you ask them for the price per gram, it happens too often that you don’t get a straight answer. Some of the gold buyers we have visited were unfriendly, some tried to downplay the value of the gold to make a bigger profit. Some were friendly and offered fair prices but these places were the rarity. We don’t say “don’t sell to a local gold buyer” but we strongly recommend to compare the prices carefully before you finally sell to the local dealers. Use our gold calculator or meet our appraisers to get an idea about the value of your gold ring. We help you to determine a fair price for your gold ring. Since the gold price was increasing so sharply, numberless of gold buying spots popped up and many adventurers saw the big profit and wanted to try their luck. But dealing with gold is not a gambling game. Especially not on costs of appreciated clients. It needs consolidated knowledge to analyze precious metals and to be able to find the treasure among the trash. Our tests have shown that more than two thirds of the gold buyers we have consulted, were not able to recognize our Van Cleef & Arpels gold ring. That’s a shocking outcome.

Should I sell my gold ring to a pawn shop?

We say yes and no. It depends. There are pawn shops out there who pay adequate prices for gold but the majority of pawn shop does not offer very attractive prices for buying gold. Their main business is to pawn assets of any kind and not to deal with gold and other precious metals. We strongly doubt that the majority of pawn shops can offer the needed experience and professionalism to deal with gold in form of bullions or jewelry, especially with luxury fine jewelry.

Should I sell my gold ring to the jeweler that I trust?

We say yes and no. Even in this case it applies that you should compare the prices before you finally make your decision. Without being pessimistic, we would recommend not to trust your jeweler blindly. We heard wild stories about family jewelers who sold their regular customers gold which was hallmarked as 18 Karat gold but in fact it was only 14 Karat gold. This case has shown us how unscrupulous people can behave when they abuse their client’s trust. We always say trust is a good thing, but control is a better one. The pro of selling gold rings to a jeweler is that jewelers are used to the handling of gold, silver and platinum. When you consult a jeweler you should expect an excellent advice and a fair price. The reality has often shown the opposite but you never know. Give them a try and find out who pays you best.

Should I sell my gold ring to reDollar?

Yes of course! We can definitely recommend to sell your gold ring with us. Not only because we represent the company, it’s because we know our highest standards and the accuracy with that we perform our tasks. Selling gold is a profession and our passion and to perform the work successfully it needs a team of experts. reDollar has this experts on board. We are not nobodies in that business. We operate in that field of business since many years and have already become a leading position in the past. Our aim is it to become America’s most important gold buying platform in the internet. To reach this goal we work hard to make our clients happy. That includes that we offer great services for our clients to give them the maximum transparency for their gold selling transaction. Meet our appraisers or use our gold calculator to learn more about fair prices. We have nothing to hide, we share our prices and the secrets of the gold buying business with our clients. Competitors who run their business shady, ripping off their clients are a big danger for our reputation, that’s why we want to clear up our clients about the risks and benefits of selling gold. We make this educational work independently, often the outcome is not clear and it’s up to the client to decide what’s best for him. We are more than an online gold buyer only. All our services are cost-free for our clients, regardless of what you will sell with us or of how many pieces you will sell with us. We appreciate a single gold ring the same as an entire collection of luxury fine jewelry. Don’t waste your time with the bad guys, make the deal with the good guys and share your experience with your friends and family. Get started now and become a new happy reDollar customer.

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