We specialize in Native works of art: sell your Native American jewelry to real experts!

reDollar.com is the best place to sell Native American/ Southwestern jewelry. Our corporate office and one of our labs are located in Denver, Colorado and just 370 miles away from Vesa Verde and less than 500 miles from famous Indian Reservations like Navajo, Hopi or Zuni. Our lead expert for Native American jewelry has a HUGE passion for Indian culture, history, and artwork. He is privately collecting Indian art and bring in excessive knowledge. With our company, selling Native American/ Southwestern jewelry means dealing with the best possible buyer out there.

Buying Native American Jewelry From Retail & Wholesale

We buy from both, retail customers and from wholesale outlets. Because our company is located so close to Indian reservations, we deal with pawn shops and jewelers from the Southwest offering us items they acquired sometimes directly from Tribal members. No matter if you just plan on selling a single Southwestern/ Native American piece of jewelry or a whole collection, we are able to handle your transaction.

Imitation or Real Native American Jewelry?

In general, we buy both imitations and authentic Native American jewelry with provenience/ from Tribal origin. Of course, the REAL Native American jewelry will sell for much more money than imitations or Native American jewelry style designs. For our experts, it’s pretty easy to distinguish between the high end merchandise and the mass products. Nevertheless, we also buy the mass products or the imitations as some look really nice and people are still looking for it. Just because an item was not made by a Tribal member, it does not mean that it’s worthless.

Very often, we receive a whole collection of silver jewelry. Our experts will go trough your lot sorting your items accordingly to their value. We distinguish between high end items and outdated jewelry. While high-end items will be priced on their collectors value, outdated pieces are being priced on their current material value. Sell your Native American/ Southwestern jewelry with us and we settle with you with the highest possible amount.

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Sell “Native Style” Imitations

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Value of Native American/ Southwestern Jewelry

Some Native American jewelry can reflect a very high value. It’s not easy for laymen to understand the evaluation process. Unfortunately, times changed and the whole collectors market went upside-down within the last ten years. While there are less collectors out there, prices dropped and buyers got more selective. If you sell your Indian Jewelry of the American Southwest to us, our experts will work on every single item to find its value. We pay TOP DOLLAR for really nice and fine pieces but remember, that the market got more selective on quality and scarcity. We will ALWAYS present you the highest possible offer.

How we work on your Native American Jewelry

For those folks with plans to sell Native American/ Southwestern jewelry to us, understanding that reDollar.com is more than just an ordinary next-door buyer is very important. As mentioned before, our team of jewelry experts is highly skilled, motivated, and ready to work for you. We also constantly expand our vast collection of jewelry literature. Every unknown or new book about Native American jewelry will get acquired from our management and added to our company’s library. Those books are probably even more important than our high-end laboratory tools. But owning so many books isn’t helpful if you don’t understand how to use them and especially where to find the information needed. That’s the reason why our experts, depending on their genre, are encouraged to know ALL books they may need. Your Native American jewelry will be treated with 100% attention.

List of Indian Tribes & Artists You Can Sell

Tribes: Navajo, Zuni, Hopi, etc.

Artists: Grant Jenkins, Homer Vance, Fred Peshlakai, Frank Peshlakai, Juan de Dios, Etsitty Tsosie, Ralph Tawangyawma, Morris Robinson, Da-Pah, Awa Tsireh, Horace Iule, Ike Wilson, Austin Wilson, Hunt Brothers Of Acoma, Paul Saufkie, David Taliman, Ambrose Roanhorse, Sylvester Santiago, Frieda Santiago, Lewis Lomay, Kenneth Begay, Mark Chee, Willie Coin, Joe H. Quintana, Sam Roanhorse, Ambrose Lincoln, Allen Pooyouma, Charles Loloma, Harry Sakyesva, Victor Coochwytewa, Julian Lovato, Preston Monongye, Lawrence Saufkie, Griselda Saufkie, Bernard Dawahoya, The Lovato Family, Michael Kabotie, Cippy Crazyhorse, Howard Sice, Edison Cummings, Perry Shorty, Liz Wallace, Kee Yazzie JR., etc.

Manufacturers: Fred Harvey Company, Herman Schweizer, John Lorenzo Hubbell, Joel Higgins, Charles Kelsey, C. G. Wallace (Charles Garrett), Harry Heye Tammen (Denver, Colorado), H.H. Tammen, Arrow Novelty Company, Maisel’s Indian Trading Post, Bell Trading Post, Mike Kirk, Craft del Navajo, Berton Staples, Garden Of The Gods Curio Trading Post, Chas E Strausenback, Southwest Arts & Crafts, Bernalillo Mercantile Company (Julius and Siegfried Seligman), Vaughn’s Indian Store, Fred Wilson’s Indian Trading Post, Thunderbird Shop, Hopicrafts, White Hogan,

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