What are palladium coins? How to identify them? How to sell palladium coins?

reDolla experts checking Palladium coinsPalladium coins are made out of the silver-white metal palladium and are also a form of coinage which is internationally recognized as a currency. The precious metal palladium will be mined in Russia, Australian and South Africa. On first sight palladium coins look like silver or platinum coins but the mint mark will reveal you the special kind of metal. There are not as much different kinds of palladium coins in circulation as gold coins, silver coins or platinum coins but also because of that palladium coins are very special and sought after from many collectors and investors, private investors as well as commercial investors. Palladium coins are excellent bullion coins. Only with one exception, palladium coins were produced just since 1987. In total there exists 56 different themes and 75 different kind of palladium coins (stand of 2005): Bermuda (2), Russia (25), France (1), Australia (3), China (3), Portugal (11), Tonga (3), Isle of Man (3), Switzerland (1), Sierra Leone (1), Canada (1), USA (1) and Samoa (1).

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Important palladium coins:

  • Palladium Maple Leaf
  • Palladium Australian Emu
  • Palladium Cook Islands
  • Stillwater Palladium coin
  • Russian Ballet Palladium coin
  • Palladium coin Kon Tiki
  • China Panda Palladium coin

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