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Dear valued customer! Unfortunately, we are unable to accept your silver, and gold-plated (rose gold) Pandora jewelry at the moment. Our inventory is overstocked, so we can only accept Pandora pieces made of solid 14K gold. Thank you very much for your understanding.

Pandora ring and Pandora 14k gold bracelet with cash and redollar envelopeDo you own Pandora jewelry and would like to sell it? Great, you just found a very reliable and trustworthy place for your plans. Pandora jewelry is very, very popular in the U.S. and just as many people are interested in buying, many people are also looking for a great place to sell. The reasons why you would plan to sell Pandora jewelry are countless. Some people inherited Pandora jewelry, others got divorced and would like to get rid of old memories and others may have just changed their taste. is a great place to sell your Pandora jewelry. Just get started now to get paid by the day after tomorrow. We offer a very convenient and safe way to sell your Pandora jewelry. Mail in your Pandora jewelry today and get paid 48 hours later. Our team of experts and appraisers are more than happy to make you a great offer for your valuable Pandora jewelry.


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Sell your Pandora jewelry now and do it online. Fill in our sales form, pack and ship your jewelry and get paid within 48 hours. Selling Pandora jewelry online is so easy and convenient, you can do it 24 hours/ 7 days a week. The online selling transaction gives you the full flexibility to sell your Pandora jewelry from your office, as well as from your home. Whenever and wherever you are.

selling kit mail your assets front pageSELL PANDORA JEWELRY WITH A KIT

You can also sell your Pandora jewelry with our great selling kit. Our Pandora selling kit includes everything you need for fast and safe shipping of your jewelry. You get a detailed selling description, an air cushioned envelope, and a free shipping label. Ready? Then order your kit now and sell your Pandora jewelry with us.

We pay really high prices for Pandora jewelry! Our experts offer you the best prices for your Pandora jewelry, no matter if you sell two tone pieces, Sterling silver items or solid gold Pandora jewelry. Your profit from our high purchase prices is our aim.

Sell Pandora jewelry like rings or bracelets – sell also beads and charms

We are more than happy to tell you, that each kind of Pandora jewelry is accepted. You can sell a silver or gold Pandora ring as well as a bracelet, bangle, beads and charms. There is nearly no limit to the amount of Pandora jewelry that you can sell to reDollar. Here is an overview of Pandora items that you can sell:

pandora silver charms pave lights stonesCharms and Beads

You can sell Pandora charms and beads of all existing materials and designs. reDollar is happy to accept Murano glass charms, as well as charms with beautiful zirconia stones, gold or silver charms. There is no limitation of the quantity, quality, design or collection.

pandora sterling silver ring with zirconiaSell Pandora Rings

Sell your Pandora rings with us. We buy Pandora stackable rings, statement rings, and promise rings. The ring size does not play a role. We are happy to buy all types of Pandora rings, no matter if they are damaged or brand new.

pandora sterling silver bangle bracelet with charms murano glassSell Pandora Bracelets

Sell your Pandora bracelets with or without charms and beads with us. There are many different Pandora bracelets available. You can sell solid Pandora bangle bracelets, symbol bracelets, and bracelets made of leather in different color schemes. The Pandora bracelets usually come with a beautiful heart or signature clasp. The used material is mostly sterling silver or 14 Karat gold in different varieties.

pandora sterling silver ear studs snowflakeSell Pandora Earrings

You can also sell the latest Pandora earrings with us. Maybe you want to make space in your jewelry box or you just don’t want to be reminded of old memories anymore. There are so many reasons as to why somebody wants to sell their Pandora jewelry. We are your partner to sell Pandora hoops, dangles or studs. Sell your earrings with stones or enamel and get great prices for your treasure.

pandora silver necklace with purple stoneSell Pandora Necklaces

Pandora necklaces are classics. Sell your Pandora silver or gold necklaces with us and benefit from our high and customer friendly purchase prices. With us you can sell your Pandora chains, pendants or entire necklace sets. For 14 karat gold necklaces you can expect prices in the range of two thousand dollars, depending on the condition. Whether it’s Pandora silver necklaces or gold necklaces, we love to buy them all. Even if the condition is not excellent, with us you can still sell your Pandora necklaces.

You can be sure that we buy almost all items made from Pandora, including damaged or broken Pandora jewelry. Sell your Pandora jewelry and benefit from a hassle-free selling transaction. Don’t auction your Pandora jewelry if you’d like to get paid fast. There are no commissions and fees and without pending money for countless days. is the better way to turn your unwanted Pandora jewelry into good money.

Our experts value your Pandora jewelry

specification card for pandora bracelet with charmsPandora jewelry is not just .925 Sterling silver jewelry. It’s much, much more. The wide range of different Pandora jewelry is growing constantly. Pandora is not just offering silver jewelry; you can also sell solid 14 karat yellow gold jewelry. The Pandora rose collection is a tasteful and modern jewelry collection of 14 karat rose gold plated charms, bangles, bracelets, earrings, rings and pendants. The Pandora Rose collection is reminiscent of the Russian opulence in jewelry art and is with its plated rose gold pieces. A great Pandora jewelry piece to sell. Solid Pandora gold charms are especially attractive for selling because these pieces reflect a very high selling value. Besides that, two tone Pandora jewelry has Sterling silver as the main component with just little parts of 14 Karat gold. The selling prices for two tone pieces are significantly lower, however the jewelry pieces themselves are not less attractive of course. Last but not least, Pandora solid Sterling silver jewelry can be offered for selling as well. The solid Sterling silver pieces are the most wide spread pieces of Pandora jewelry and the pieces we mainly buy. The selling value of the solid silver jewelry pieces from Pandora is the lowest, due to the predominate material. Many Pandora charms, rings, bracelets and more have beautiful cubic zirconia settings, the pavé lights collection for example, are made with fine Italian Murano glass. Our experts can perfectly determine the value of your Pandora jewelry. With their knowledge of the manifold collections, its characteristics, and popularity is needed to offer our valued clients more money for their high value Pandora jewelry.

Places where you can sell Pandora jewelry

redollar experts at work appraising jewelryWhen the question, “Where can I sell my Pandora jewelry?” arises then good advice is needed. The best option to sell your Pandora jewelry is to do it with us. There are many reasons that speak for us. Free shipping: we offer you a free shipping option for sending your Pandora jewelry to our jewelry laboratory. Free expert appraisal: with us you get a cost-free expert appraisal for your Pandora jewelry, even if you change your mind, we don’t charge you for any appraisal work. We have extensive literature to find out more about your Pandora jewelry even if the pieces are very early ones from 2003, the beginning of the Pandora success history in North America. Our highly skilled jewelry expert is familiar with any kind of jewelry, no matter if it is fine jewelry, antique jewelry or modern collections. Fast payment: we offer you a fast and flexible payment without any hidden fees or deductions. With us you can choose from check, money order, direct deposit or PayPal. Customer service: a brilliant customer service is one of our important flagships. We do not have opening hours. With us you get help and advice 7 days a week/ 24 hours a day. This high quality service is one of a kind in our business. But there are also alternative places to sell Pandora jewelry and we do not want to deprive you of this possible options:

Internet auction

Of course you can sell Pandora jewelry via online auction houses, that’s a good option for people who don’t need money instantly. The great pro for this option is that you can get high collector’s prices for your Pandora jewelry if you find the right buyer at the right time. The con is that you have to be patient to find the right buyer, you have to pay commission fees, you have to prepare great photos and finally you have to organize a fast shipping. Even for us as a professional jewelry buyer and seller, it’s a tricky thing to provide pin sharp photos of the little Pandora charms. So be prepared for this potential challenge.

Local jewelry buyers

Pandora 14k gold bracelet with banknotesThis option can be good but our nationwide research has shown that in most cases local jewelry buyers don’t offer attractive and adequate prices for your jewelry. The reason is simple. Many of the local jewelry buyers purchase jewelry just every now and then and above that many of them are also not specialized in that kind of profession. Our experience has clearly shown that the majority of local buyers offer really low prices because once a customer walks in to present a piece of jewelry, then the buyer wants to make a profit. And not seldom the buyer makes his profit on your cost. So when you consider to sell your Pandora jewelry to local buyers, make sure you are informed about your Pandora jewelry’s value so that you are well prepared for any price negotiations that may happen. Your knowledge can prevent you from a great financial loss, but if you find a reliable buyer it’s not ruled out that you can make a great deal. Just recently we bought a 14 Karat gold bracelet from Pandora with more than 20 solid gold charms. We paid $2,700.00 for that bracelet. Do you know what a local gold buyer has offered for exactly the same Pandora 14 Karat gold bracelet? He has offered $1,300.00. This is no joke, no invented story – this is a proven fact. The local gold buyer has more than a hundred positive customer reviews, that’s why we have chosen this store for a local price comparison. We thought this may be a competitor on eye level, but he was not. What a shocking result! Get started now and sell your Pandora jewelry with us, we are the best buyers, this is a fact.

Pawn shops

Not seldom pawn shops also offer to buy jewelry instead of just pawing it. Our personal experience with pawn shops was not satisfying. In the majority of cases the offered prices are very low. The customer support and advice is often insufficient because the employees deal with a big variety of goods that can be pawned, but are not specialized in jewelry. So if you expect expert knowledge don’t rely on finding it in pawn shops. In 2015 we ran a local price comparison in several pawn shops and our documented results are really shocking. We would not recommend to sell Pandora jewelry in pawn shops because the desired professionalism and expertise is often not predominated.

Flea markets

reDollar selling or pawning form in Pandora bagIf you like the special atmosphere of flea markets maybe you should consider to sell your Pandora jewelry at a flea market. It’s no secret that flea markets also attract tricky pickpockets but if you are aware and you take good care of your little Pandora charms for example, then you can make good deals at flea markets. But it is not always guaranteed, so if you are looking for a safe deal the flighty option for selling Pandora jewelry at a flea market is maybe not the right choice for you. We would classify the selling option at a flea market as risky. You could make a good deal but it’s unfortunately not guaranteed.

How selling Pandora jewelry works with reDollar

Pandora jewelry with diamonds and box and reDollar selling is an online based company. Our concept works without countless branches all over the US. Branches cause high expenses and these expenses would reduce your payout amount of your Pandora jewelry. Therefore, we have one lab and centralized support. Selling works online by mailing your Pandora jewelry to us. You start online by telling us your personal information like your name and email address. Then you describe the Pandora jewelry that you plan to sell and finalize the process by choosing a way of shipping. Shipping is always free and works with a prepaid USPS or UPS label. You can also schedule a free pick up if you prefer to sell your Pandora jewelry without ever leaving your home or your office. Give us a try and let us convince you of our great services! Sell Pandora jewelry with us, now!


Maria TaitMaria Tait jewelry expert redollar looking at gold jewelry is the author of this article and the current reDollar head of jewelry. Maria is always available for your inquiries related to jewelry in general, fine jewelry and antique jewelry. If you have any questions about your Pandora jewelry, ask Maria a question. It’s free and she is always excited and curious to receive new inquiries about any kind of Pandora jewelry.

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