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WeightSell for
1 Troy Ounce31.1 grams$961.01
1/2 Troy Ounce15.55 grams$480.50
1/4 Troy Ounce7.77 grams$240.10
1/10 Troy Ounce3.11 grams$96.10

Sell platinum coins from all over the world

We do accept coins from all over the world, any quantities are welcomed.

American Platinum Coins

US platinum coin 2017, LibertyLiberty 2017, USA

You can sell any American platinum coins with us. The pictured Liberty platinum coin weighs 31.1 grams and sells for $961.01 with us.

Canadian Platinum Coins

platinum coin minted in CanadaMaple Leaf, Canada

You can sell any Canadian platinum coins with us. The pictured Maple Leaf platinum coin weighs 3.11 grams and sells for $96.10 with us.

British Platinum Coins

Lion of England platinum coinLion of England, United Kingdom

You can sell any British platinum coins with us. The pictured Lion of England platinum coin weighs 31.1 grams and sells for $961.01 with us.

South African Platinum Coins

South African Krugerrand platinum coinKrugerrand 2017, South Africa

You can sell any South African and international platinum coins with us. The pictured Krugerrand platinum coin weighs 31.1 grams and sells for $961.01 with us.

Austrian Platinum Coins

platinum coin made in Austria, 100 Euro100 Euro 2017, Austria

You can sell any Austrian platinum coins with us. The pictured 100 Euro platinum coin weighs 31.1 grams and sells for $961.01 with us.

Sell Platinum Coins – Always in High Demand

For understanding what makes platinum coins so highly interesting, a quick look at its history can help to understand why people prefer to collect platinum coins instead of gold coins. Even when platinum is know for millennia, it was not used for coins and got forgotten again for a very long time. Actually, platinum’s history begins again with its rediscovery in 1749.

A platinum coin is something special, something from great value. Don’t give it do the next pawn shop. A platinum coin desverse a respectful and professional treatment – exactly what we are able and happy to offer.

A quick look at platinum’s history

Archaeologists could proof that platinum was first discovered millennia ago. Often discovered along with gold, platinum was supposed to be white-colored gold. Platinum was known in Egypt, Abyssinia and Spain and used to alloy t with gold for crafting jewelry and even decorative or religious articles. The usage of platinum was also verified for Iberian colonies of Rome or the Inca Empire of Ecuador and Columbia.

For unknown reasons, platinum got forgotten for thousands of years and was not used until after the Spanish colonization of South America. In Europe, recovered documents from medieval times proof that platinum was recognized as an unmeltable white metal. Some hundreds of years later, it was in 1749, a scientist named Dr. Charles Wood, discovered platinum as an independent metal and described it for the very first time officially in the “Proceedings of the Royal Society” between 1749 and 1750.

With its rediscovery, platinum’s triumph was certain and persist until these days. Even when platinum isn’t worth us much as gold it can easily compete with it and when it comes to collecting coins, platinum is still in highest demand. Take the chance to sell platinum coins to our company and benefit from getting paid an amazing high price.

European Platinum Coin “100 Euro”

We also buy European platinum coins for best prices.

Austrian platinum coin, 100 Euro

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