Sell Precious Metals

Sell Precious Metals

Did you know that it was never before so easy to sell precious metals? And did you also know that you are very lucky because you accidentally found With our company you can sell precious metals easy like 1-2-3 with the guarantee to get paid the highest possible price; and we do serve individuals and business clients. Business clients benefit from special conditions and from our experience making it easier for you to handle precious metals.

Today’s Purchase Price for Individuals

$73.05 per gram of 24 karat gold
$51.95 per gram of 18 karat gold

Today’s Purchase Price for Commercial Clients

$73.05 per gram of 24 karat gold
$54.84 per gram of 18 karat gold

We buy gold, silver, platinum & palladium

We buy gold, silver, platinum and palladium what are actually all valuable precious metals. Good to know is that we pay for all precious metals we can find in the items you deliver. We also pay for palladium and silver if the item delivered to our lab contains besides 58% gold also 12% silver and 8% palladium – for example. We always pay you for all precious metals and not only for the main-metal. Thanks to newest technologies like X-ray machines and also thanks to classical testing methods like fire assay, we are able to run a very precise precious metal analysis.

precious metal testing with X-ray machine

It was in the 1950s when X-ray technologies became popular and more affordable for testing precious metals. These days, every very well equipped laboratory should own an X-ray machine to perform a fast test. Even when those machines are extremely helpful to do quick testing, they can never replace old-fashioned testing methods like the fire assay. If you sell precious metals with us, you can rely on our tremendous knowledge about testing your items. We even have machines in operation providing us testing results about a gold bar’s authenticity based on a nondestructive testing solution. We are able to “look inside a bar’s core” causing no damage to its surface to find out if probably tungsten was used to counterfeit the item.

We Test & You Sell Precious Metals

Besides a great place to sell precious metals online you also found a place where you can get your precious metals tested – for free and with NO obligation to sell. is your new partner to get a quick and free double-check for coins you bought or you plan to resell. Testing is always free when you sell regularly precious metals with us.
testing of precious metal bars with ultrasonic

A question we have been asked many, many times is if we also buy palladium bars, platinum bars, sweeps, screws, sheets, buffs, ash and other items containing precious metals. We can give you a clearly – YES WE CAN – as long you don’t offer plated items because according to our company philosophy we don’t buy plated merchandise.

We also get regularly inquiries from small mining operations about buying their precious metals. The most common question about buying gold from mines and mills is if we also pay for silver besides gold. Remember, at the beginning we still told you that we pay for all precious metals in your items and this promise, of course, also applies for mined gold.

Sell precious metals with us and benefit from our impressive knowledge and our will of iron to serve you with the very best service solutions. Don’t hesitate to contact us about your special needs. is a very flexible company and we are always able to tailor or services to fit you requirements.

Precious Metal Gold

gold is a precious metal

Symbol: Au
Atomic Number: 79
Melting Point: 1947.52 F

Sell for: $2271.72/ oz fine gold

Precious Metal Silver

silver is a precious metal

Symbol: Ag
Atomic Number: 47
Melting Point: 1763.2

Sell for: $29.73/ oz fine silver

Precious Metal Platinum

platinum is a precious metal

Symbol: Pt
Atomic Number: 78
Melting Point: 3214.90 F

Sell for: $1006.63/ oz fine platinum

Precious Metal Palladium

palladium is a precious metal

Symbol: Pd
Atomic Number: 46
Melting Point: 2830.82 F

Sell for: $985.58/ oz fine palladium

Sell Precious Metals to – The Ultimate Expert

It is extremely important that you become very familiar in testing and identifying precious metals if you are a dealer and not an individual. Assume that you extract scrap gold that you have bought in believe that it’s compounded of pure gold and copper but you end up getting a white precipitate. Why happened that and what did you really buy? These are very important questions because they decide about your buying success or failure. The ability to identify precious metals and even semi-precious metals is the foundation of a successful operation. is here to provide you knowledge about testing solutions besides our great options to sell precious metals – online.

Most small businesses use acid to test gold and precious metals what is basically a good and reliable way to test if performed correctly. It needs experience to understand the results you receive and it needs even more experience to get really familiar with the metals you are testing. Never solely rely on gold markings. We have seen so much falsified markings that we basically never trust the marking implicitly. It can easily happen that you run into “plated-trap” when you don’t have tremendous experience with precious metals and if you don’t file the item you are testing.

But not only beginners can truly benefit from our add-on services: even experienced gold dealers need a quick double-check every now and then. is the best place to sell precious metals and also the best partner when it comes to secure a precious metal deal.

Exciting Facts About Precious Metals

Did you know that very primitive ways of chemical precious metal assaying are in use since thousands of years? We think it’s exciting to refer to the bible, Jeremiah 6, 27-30 (please also see our quotation). And it’s probably also the first time that you learn that the very first professional and accurate gold testing was done in a lab operated in the 12th century. The middle ages folks had very precise methods for testing precious metals and basically the way how we perform testing today is extremely similar to the ways back then.

Nitric acid was discovered in the 15th century and very soon after its discovery, nitric acid was used to perform quick gold tests. The way how we test gold with acid today, is still the same than it was performed during the end of the Middle Ages.

Primitive gold testing and weighing

primitive precious metal weighing and testing performed 1449

Bible: Jeremiah 6, 27-30

Bible, Jeremiah 6, 27-30

Precious Metals: ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, silver, osmium, iridium, platinum, gold, mercury and palladium
Semi-Precious Metal: copper, technetium, rhenium, antimony, bismuth, polonium

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