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You would like to get top Dollars for your pure silver? Great you have found a great place where you can sell pure silver for high prices. Pure silver is silver with a purity of 99,9% often called as fine silver.

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Generally pure silver only comes in form of bullions like silver coins, silver bars or silver medals. There is no jewelry on the market made of pure silver. For the jewelry making silver with a purity of 92,5% will be generally used. Also silver flatware is made of silver with a lower purity than pure silver. Many American households are in possession of pure silver in form of bullions and if you need cash because a sudden need of liquid funds has arisen, it can be very lucrative to sell pure silver. Selling pure silver is also very transparent for you because silver is a commodity that will be traded on the world’s commodities exchanges. This offers you the possibility to check the silver price in real time, you can see when the price is very high and when he has fallen, you can balance the time when you sell pure silver.

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You can also check the silver prices by using our innovative gold calculator. With our great service tool the gold calculator, you can find out by yourself our purchase prices for pure silver. We specify the prices in dwt or optionally in gram. Two times a day we update our gold calculator so that you are well prepared in case when the silver price is increasing or the silver price falls. We try our best to help our clients to make the best possible deal when they plan selling pure silver.

Sell pure silver to the experts is an expert what concerns the purchase of precious materials such as silver. We operate as Dotcom Company to be present for our clients in the entire US. No matter if you live in a small village in the middle of Montana or even in the big apple or LA. We can serve all clients’ demands regardless of which quantity or quality the items are that you want to sell with us. We are specialized in buying precious metals, such as pure silver, of any kinds. The condition and the quality plays a minor role for us. We employee many experts who bundle their long lasting experience and their consolidated know how in our head office where also our big laboratory is located. All our internal procedures take place on that location. Our experts work with equipment which is on the highest standards that guarantees you a highly professional analysis of your valuables. If you sell your pure silver with us, we will make an appraisal for it and present you then our attractive offer which beats the offers from our competitors in the majority of cases. Give us a try and get started now, sell your pure silver with us and benefit from our professionalism, you won’t regret it.

Silver bullions are very popular for investors AND sellers

Silver bullions which always come as pure silver are very popular investments. Not only because investing in the white metal silver is a very conservative investment strategy, also because the entry of investing in silver is much cheaper than investing in gold. It’s a matter of common knowledge that silver has a higher market value than gold. For this reason you can buy a higher quantity of silver when you plan to invest some money. Also for small investors silver is a really attractive investment mental. We list here the most common silver bullions and our purchase prices. With us you benefit from our transparency. We don’t hide our purchase prices from the public because there is no reason to hide them. See for yourself and check out our prices for selling pure silver.

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You have decided to sell pure silver with us? That’s great, thank you for your trust in us. We learn you how easy the process of selling silver online is. First please fill in our sales form, then please wrap your silver very well and choose a convenient shipping method, we offer you a pick up from FedEx or alternatively a self organized shipping by using our prepaid shipping labels. 24-48 hours after shipping we receive your silver in our labs and analyze them. The payment will be authorized immediately after we have received your agreement. With us you have no obligation to sell, if you should change your mind for whatever reason, no problem, we return your silver on our costs. Any questions? Please contact our customer service representatives and they will help you with all your needs.

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