Sell Rolex without papers

redollar experts checking luxury watchWelcome to This article will discuss selling Rolex watches without papers and certificates. We would like to take the opportunity to inform you about your selling chances, possible risks and ways to get the most money when selling Rolex watches without papers. Many people wonder if it’s possible to sell a Rolex without papers. The good news is that selling is not a problem. Having papers like a certification or a bill of sales can lead to a better selling price but even when you have lost your certification, selling is still entirely possible and very appealing. Although a certification is a “nice piece of paper,” even watches that come with paperwork have to still undergo an authenticity check. Papers often are fake due to the fact that counterfeiting a certification is much easier than creating a fake watch. Fraudsters who sell fake watches, hope that buyers, solely trust the papers without examining the entire watch. The movement and other parts, which make the watch authentic, will not be so with a fake one. Our company always checks the entire watch: with or without papers, because we have the ability to distinguish between a fake and a real masterpiece. Get started right now if you plan to sell Rolex without papers, we offer very high prices.

Rolex Oyster Men’s watch Vintage, steel Rolex Submariner Oyster Perpetuel Rolex Datejust 6917 18k Gold with Diamonds
Rolex Oyster Men’s watch Vintage Rolex Submariner Oyster Perpetuel gold blue Rolex Datejust 6917 18k Gold with Diamonds
Sell for $2,200 Sell for $6,500 Sell for $2,500
Rolex DateJust Ladies 69178 18k Gold Rolex Cellini 3810 Ladie’s watch Rolex Datejust in white gold with diamonds
Rolex DateJust Ladies 69178 18k Gold Rolex Cellini 3810 Ladie’s watch 18k gold Rolex Datejust in white gold with diamonds
Sell for $6,000 Sell for $3,000 Sell for $3,100

Sell Rolex watches without papers in every condition

redollar laboratory report two rolex watchesDon’t worry if the Rolex watch you want to sell is damaged or does not work properly. Our in-house watchmakers are specialized in any kind of watch repairs, no matter the degree of damage or defect it has. We accept all Rolex watches no matter the condition you deliver them in. With us you can also sell very old and early Rolex models. We love to unlock the value of an old Rolex vintage model. Often the watch owners will not possess any papers, bills or certificates for particularly old Rolex models. That’s no surprise because the old Rolex models have circulated for a long time and have changed hand several times before you have offered the watch for sale. With us, selling Rolex watches is no problem at all! But not so with some other places. We have had the experience that not many places accept Rolex watches without papers. But you will ask yourself, for what reason? Because they may not have the necessary experience and knowledge to be able to buy such a precious watch. If the buyer is not skilled enough to evaluate a price without the “help” of a certificate, he cannot risk offering a very high purchase price for your Rolex. If it would turn out that he made a mistake, he would have a great loss, so what does this buyer do? He simply does not accept your watch, not because he does not want to, because he is not skilled and educated enough to do so. It is better to sell your Rolex watch without papers to us right away. We know every Rolex model on the market, no matter if papers or certificates are available. Knowledge is power and power means money. Let’s give us a try and sell with the professionals like us.

Did you know that we also buy Rolex parts and not just Rolex watches? With us you can also sell your Rolex movement or little parts like dials, bracelets, clasps, watch crowns, bezel rings or single links, clock hands or even calibres.

How we determine the value of your Rolex

redollar experts checking gold braceletsWhen we receive your Rolex watch in our laboratory, first we carefully unpack your watch and open your parcel under a video camera. This video-monitored opening process gives you the full security that we are working honestly, transparent and fully reliable. After we have unpacked your Rolex we start the appraising process by checking some main indications of authenticity. We also use profound expert literature to amplify our appraisal work if necessary. Afterwards, we will create an in-depth analysis report that lists all the items you are going to sell with us one by one and our purchase offer of course. When we perform the value assessment of your Rolex we take into consideration every price building fact like age, condition, origin, provenience, special customer, special editions, used materials like gemstones and the used precious metals, special models or custom designs. You can be sure we don’t overlook even the tiniest detail. With us you sell your Rolex watch online with the best and most impressive player in the business.

Solid gold means automatically authenticity?

Rolex papers authenticity certificates and sealsSadly not! We have seen a “Rolex watch” with a solid 18K gold watchband worth 2,000 Dollars but in fact this was just a fake watch. Counterfeiting became trickier and qualified over the years. In the early 2000s, they began to use expensive sapphire glass for some fake watches making an authenticity check for professionals more complex. These people knew that some pawn brokers or naive buyers were only checking the casing and the glass. In the late 2000s and 2010s, authentic Rolex watches worth $20,000, were counterfeited with solid 18K gold watch bands. The materials used were so high-end that a number of watch buyers and pawn brokers were lured into the selling trap. These watches mostly came without papers. But don’t worry, is able to uncover the truth. You can sell a Rolex without papers with us by receiving the best advice. Before you get started, we offer highly interesting and educational customer information programs like “meet our appraisers” and we offer you great selling solutions for questions like “how much is my Rolex worth?”

Sell Rolex without papers online or with our selling kit

Rolex GMT men's watch steelSelling is pretty simple. You get started by telling us more about the Rolex with or without papers that you plan on selling. After shipping with a prepaid shipping label from us or by requesting a free selling kit, your Rolex will arrive in our laboratory and will be sent directly to our Rolex experts. Our professionals make 20 different photos – not only from the watch itself, but also from the packaging and the filling materials you have used. We do this to ensure a very satisfying and transparent selling process for you. After the value assessment of your watch, you will receive a message in your inbox with a detailed laboratory report. After you agree to the payout, we close the deal with an immediate payout on the same day. Sell Rolex watch online with our company and get paid within 48 hours. Choose us as your favorite Rolex buyers and learn from our experts who will answer all your questions relating to Rolex watches.


gold selling kit gold rolex with rubiesSell with our selling kit by using our perfected selling kit that includes everything you need for a safe and convenient selling of your Rolex watch. With our selling kit you get a detailed selling description, a packaging and a shipping label.

redollar expert typing on computer keypadSell online by filling out our sales form, providing us with some details about your Rolex watch, choose a shipping method and send your Rolex to us. You can start right now to sell your Rolex without papers with us.


Steve Redrich reDollar expert for watchesSteve Redrich is the author of this article and the current reDollar head of watches. Steve is our watch genius and is always available for your inquiries related to watches in general, luxury watches and of course Rolex watches. If you have any question about your Rolex, ask Steve a question. It’s free and he is always happy and interested to receive new inquiries about any kind of luxury watches.

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