Sell ruby jewelry – what makes ruby jewelry so outstanding?

Ruby jewelry is still very popular mainly because of its wonderful gemstones, the rubies. Rubies are a variety of the mineral corundum. The ruby is beside the diamond, the emerald and the sapphire one of the four precious stones. The color of a ruby varies from pink to blood red. The color of this beautiful gemstone comes from the element chromium. The name Ruby comes from ruber, this is Latin and means red. The prices for rubies were determined because of the color of the stone. Higher prices were realized for the very famous blood red rubies. Besides in the Antarctic, Rubies exist on every continent, but the sought-after rubies can be found only in Asia, better said in Myanmar, Thailand and Sri Lanka. This three countries are also the leaders in exporting rubies.

If you are in possession of ruby jewelry then you can realize really high prices when you think about to sell ruby jewelry. When you sell ruby jewelry, the main focus is set on the stone which can have two different types of cuttings. The facet cut or the cabochon cut. See pictures below.

The most important factor that determines the value of a ruby, is the color. All begins and ends with the color of the ruby. The color can be divided into three components: tone, saturation and hue. The ruby with the most precious color can be described as medium dark toned red.

Very famous and big rubies:

  • The Mogok Sun ruby has a gross weight of 1734s carat and was found 1993 in Myanmar.
  • The Nawata ruby has a gross weight of 496,5 carats
  • The Edward ruby has a gross weight of 167 carats and is exhibited in the British Museum of Natural History in London
  • The Rosser-Reeves-ruby has a gross weight of 138,7 carats and is exhibited in the Smithsonian Institute in Washington
  • The De Long Stern ruby has a gross weight of 100,3 carats and is exhibited in the American Museum of Natural History in New York

Sell ruby jewelry online what are the benefits?

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How does the sales process for ruby jewelry works?

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