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Sell scrap platinum with reDollar - the best buyerIndividuals as well as commercial clients are welcome to sell scrap platinum with us. We buy various items made of platinum: jewelry, damaged coins or ingots, and bars, production residues, or medical scrap platinum such as dental gold, implants, or artificial platinum joints and screws. Whatever you have, we buy it if it’s made of platinum. You can use our platinum calculator to precalculate the value of your platinum if you know the purity. It’s that easy and transparent. You know exactly how much you get paid if you sell scrap platinum with our company because we always offer transparent quotes. There are no hidden fees for selling with us and no problems if you don’t know the purity of your platinum. Our precious metal experts can determine the quality of your platinum within seconds and if you have a large quantity of platinum, we can melt it for free. There is no need to melt down scrap platinum jewelry which is offered by private customers, but for larger amounts of scrap platinum, melting makes sense. is the perfect partner for your plans to sell scrap platinum. We bring the ability to deal with platinum at the highest level of expertise paired with the financial power to process big quantities of precious metals.

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 Metal  Purity Information Price per oz  Price per dwt Price per gram
 platinum .999 Fine platinum is used for coins/ rounds and ingots.  $947.85  $47.24  $30.48
 platinum .960 More common in Hong Kong an Europe. Used for fabrication and not for jewelry.  $798.16  $39.78  $25.66
platinum .950 Used in the US, Japan, Europe and Hong Kong. This alloy is easy to cast thanks to it’s softness and melting point. Often used for jewelry.  $789.85  $39.37  $25.40
 platinum .900 Used in Japan for jewelry and rarely in the US.  $748.28  $37.29  $24.06
 platinum .850 Platinum 850 is more common in Japan and often used for watch backs but rarely for jewelry. The composition often gets alloyed with Iridium.  $706.71  $35.22  $22.72

Sell scrap platinum jewelry with us

Scrap metals such as platinum, white gold, and silverEngagement rings or vintage jewelry (sometimes without hallmarks) is often made of platinum. Platinum is an outstanding material and its exclusivity is very popular to goldsmiths and jewelry lovers. With the beginning of the 19th century fine platinum jewelry, especially made in Europe, was sought-after from countless fashion-conscious ladies. Lots of Old European Cut diamond rings are made of platinum. Very often these rings didn’t get marked with a hallmark. After decades and after some changes of ownership, the knowledge about platinum got lost. We know that many people own vintage platinum jewelry in believe of owning white gold jewelry. The color of white gold jewelry is very similar to the color and glance of platinum jewelry and a determination without markings is even for “self-called experts” a challenge. In contrast to many buyers, has all technical equipment present to determine if it is platinum or not. The majority of US gold buyers work with testing-acid to find out what it is. But there is no acid invented to test platinum. Well, there are some simple tricks like burning potential platinum jewelry with a flame or checking the specific gravity to get something like an idea. But at the end, it stays an idea and not a trustworthy determination. You should deal with a very experienced company like if you plan to sell small or huge amounts of scrap platinum. It pays-off! Get started to sell your scrap platinum jewelry with us. It’s a very simple and quick process.

It’s smart to sell platinum scrap with a qualified company

Individuals own scrap platinum jewelry, dentists or laboratories own dental platinum residues and other scrap platinum items. Hospitals or other specialists have medical platinum like joints or screws to sell. There is no re-utilization for most of these items. All of them have to undergo a melting and refining process. Get in touch with us if you are a doctor or a hospital representative in need of a company buying scrap platinum. Commercial clients and regular customers get melting for free and get paid 98% of the platinum.

Platinum is one of the most important metals thanks to the special characteristic:

Raw Platinum nuggetPlatinum is used in the electrical engineering industry because platinum never corrodes. Furthermore it’s used for catalysts or in petrochemistry and the automotive industry. Even for fertilizer production, platinum is essential because it never affects or falsifies the chemical process. And think about the medical use we mentioned. Platinum is used to build cardiac pacemaker because its tolerance to body compatibility is absolutely exceptional. This tolerance is responsible for platinum’s usage in dental gold compositions. Platinum gets alloyed with gold to create very refractory artificial teeth. Just 15% of platinum is sufficient for a very refractory result. All these items have an elapsed time and at the end they become scrap platinum. Sell scrap platinum with us and trust our experience in dealing with this delicate stuff.
reDollar precious metal expert at workWhen you own a nice collection of jewelry, fine jewelry or you have inherited vintage jewelry from the past times then the chance that your pieces of jewelry do not only contain gold but also platinum is very high. Jewelry made of platinum, which is old and not wearable anymore because maybe it’s damaged or simply out of fashion, is called scrap platinum. Platinum is a very valuable precious metal and you can sell it to high prices. Platinum is a white metal and it happens not seldom that layperson confound platinum with silver or white gold. Confounding platinum with silver can lead to a grave false estimation because the price for one gram of platinum is by far higher than the price for one gram of silver. So before you sell scrap platinum to any dealer, make sure that you really are in possession of platinum. The better you know what you are going to sell, the better prices you can expect from a potential buyer. Knowledge can prevent you from getting bad quoted for your scrap platinum.

How can I find out if I have platinum scrap?

Tiffany & Co. Platinum .950 stampAlso if you are not an expert in analyzing precious metals such as platinum or gold, you can check by yourself if you are in possession of pieces made of platinum. Look for the stamps on your jewelry. The majority of jewelry pieces is marked with a stamp that tells you more about the jewelry’s content and its purity. Such a stamp is also called hallmark. In the US, hallmarks for platinum show mostly a purity of 900, 950 or 999 platinum. 900 platinum means that the amount of pure platinum in the piece of jewelry is 90%, the other 10% are other metals such as silver or palladium. Also hallmarks like PT900, PT950, 950PLAT, 900PT, 900PLAT, PT999, PT850 or simply PLAT or PLATINUM are very common. Below you can find pictures of prevalent hallmarks for platinum.

Use our gold calculator to determine the value of your scrap platinum. Once you have found out the purity of your scrap platinum, please weigh the pieces and simply calculate your payout amount. You can weigh your scrap with a common kitchen scale or better with a letter scale.

We pay the prices that we publish, this is a guaranteed promise. Start now and sell scrap platinum with us – reDollar is your best platinum buyer for the entire United States. Whether you live in New York or in the countryside of Montana, with us you can sell from anywhere because we are an online operating company like Amazon or eBay. Give us a call and give us a try, we bet you won’t regret it.

Which scrap platinum you can sell

We buy all kinds of gold, silver, platinum and palladium. We buy old or vintage jewelry as well as brand-new items. The condition does not play a significant role for us, with us you can sell all kinds of precious metals in any condition and from any famous brand. We adjust our payout amount on the particular piece that you would like to sell with us. Our team of experts is able to appraise any kind of jewelry, scrap or not. We are used to fine jewelry as well as to precious metals used in industry such as dental metals or computer parts. Sell your scrap platinum with us and share your experience with your friends and family, your recommendation is our profit!

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