You have some old silver cutlery that you would like to sell to get instant cash?

Welcome to, your partner for selling silver cutlery. Thanksgiving is over, the family has traveled back, the big celebration is over and you look at the blank dinner table. There is a big collection of unused vintage silver cutlery which nobody needs anymore. It’s too time-consuming to polish the silver cutlery so often that it does not tarnish. It looks old fashioned and nobody wants to use it anymore, but what to do? Where to sell the silver cutlery for instant cash, if needed? You can sell your cutlery to, we are more than happy to buy it. The age, condition, manufacturer, and quantity does not play a role for us. With us you can sell any kinds of silver cutlery entire sets or only single pieces such as silver spoons, silver forks, silver knives, silver teaspoons, silver salad servers, silver cake servers, silver ladles and many more.

Sell your antique silver cutlery to top conditions is an online platform that is specialized in buying precious metals such as silver and silver cutlery. We work together with highly educated appraisers that evaluate your silver cutlery on the highest standards of technology and expertise. This high standards allow us also to accept your antique silver cutlery which should be analyzed in detail and with reasonable diligence. When you think you own a very special piece of antique silver cutlery, try to find the hallmark from the manufacturer. Often you can find the hallmarks on silver cutlery on the rim or in the base. The hallmarking system of impressing a number of symbols on articles of gold and silver is a very efficient method of quality control. Once the system has been understood the marks are easy to decode. The hallmarks show the place of origin , the identity of the maker, the year of manufacture and confirm the silver content.

A short list of famous American manufacturer’s marks you can find below:

  • Adelphi Silver Plate Co, New York
  • Alvin Corportation, Providence, Rhode Island
  • Amston Silver Co, Inc Meriden, Conneticut
  • Aurora Silver Plate Co. Aurora, Illinois
  • Barbour Silver Co. Hartford, Conneticut
  • Barker Bros Silver Co, Inc New York
  • Derby Silver Co, Derby Conneticut
  • Elgin-American M/CO Elgin, Illinois
  • Gorham Coporation, Providence, Rhode Island
  • Hartford Sterling, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Holmes & Edwards Silver Co, Bridgeport, Conneticut
  • Homan Manufacturing Co, Cincinnati, Ohio
  • International Silver Co, Meriden, Conneticut
  • Keystone Silver Co, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Reed & Barton, Taunton, Massachusetts
  • Rockford Silver Plate Co, Rockford, Illinois
  • Schulz & Fischer, San Francisco, California
  • E G Webster & Son, Brooklyn, New York
  • The Wessel Silver Co, New York
  • Whitney Jewlery Co, Boston, Massachusetts

How does it work selling sterling silver cutlery to

The selling process of silver cutlery to is that quick, easy and secure. You can sell your sterling silver cutlery to us only in three quick steps: first please get started with our online sales form. Fill in your basic details such as your name and a brief description of the items that you would like to sell. Next please wrap your silver cutlery very well at make it ready for the shipping. You can choose between a free pick up at you home or workplace or alternatively you can also organize the shipping procedure by yourself while using our free shipping labels from USPS or FedEx. The third and final step will be done by us. 24 hours after you have shipped your silver cutlery we will appraise it and make you an offer. If you agree, the payment will be cashed out instantly by PayPal, direct debit or money order.

Selling sterling silver to is that easy, no SSN and no bank account needed. Don’t wait any longer, sell your silver cutlery immediately, get started now!

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