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Nationwide you can find tons of unused or unwanted flatware. We are sure you also have some silver flatware waiting to get sold. Sell your silver flatware online and cash out latest on the day after tomorrow. No flatware is too small or too large to sell. Act now and trust us for a top silver price. We accept .925 sterling silver as well as .900 or .800 silver. Sell your silver flatware online and get paid more cash than from local stores. And also keep in mind that selling silver flatware in an online auction causes fees and commissions. This extra costs you can save while selling your silver flatware to Selling your silver flatware to causes no commissions, no fees and no nerves for shipping and handling, because you deal with a well known company and not with an unknown third person.

Sell your silver flatware in three fast steps: start selling online in less than 3 minutes, wrap your flatware and schedule a free pick up. Alternatively you can receive a prepaid shipping label for USPS or FedEx. Your payout amount will be calculated on the next day after shipping your flatware. If you agree to proceed with the payout, you can receive your Dollars on the same day.

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Sell broken, unwanted or vintage silver flatware

Don´t worry, you can sell all your flatware to reDollar. We accept broken or damaged silver flatware as well as new or unused flatware. US flatware, European flatware, English flatware, French flatware and silver flatware from all over the world. Tiffany & Co. flatware, Odiot flatware, Durgin flatware, Camusso flatware, Puiforcat flatware, Henning Koppel flatware, Buccellati flatware, Christofle silver, Georg Jensen flatware, Mount Vernon flatware and also flatware made by Gorham, Towle, Kirk Stieff or Wallace. Hurry and sell your flatware now. Just get started now and relax without running from one local store to another to compare their quotes.

More information: nearly every flatware is scrap

There are just a couple of flatware brands that are interesting for resale. Nearly every silver flatware is scrap and has to undergo a refining process. But keep in mind that we don´t melt down flatware made from famous brands like
& Co. or Wallace. For flatware made from luxury brands we offer more than just the scrap silver price. This refers also to vintage and luxury flatware. Our experts will find out if there is more value than just the scrap metal value and they will let you know. Sell your flatware to our company and get a great price for your item.

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