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How much is my silver goblet worth?

Most people don’t really know how much a silver goblet is worth but knowing the rough value is very beneficial. So many people bring their valuable sterling goblets to the next pawn shop or gold buyer and end up with getting paid just 40% of the item’s real  value. Don’t do that – deal with an experienced company like to get paid the most money. We have listed some silver goblets with price examples to give you an idea about the value. Feel free to get in touch with our experts before you sell.

George V Sterling Goblet

These very nice and rare “George V” sterling silver goblet is worth three times the current silver price. It weighs 495 grams and is 6.5 inches high.

Value: approximately $1094.31

George V sterling silver goblet

George V Silver Goblet

lion head sterling silver marking

British Sterling Hallmark “Lion”

Unimportant Silver Goblet Set

This set of unimportant but nice silver goblets is worth approximately one and a half times the silver value. The set weighs 1,400 grams.

Value: $1547.50

8 sterling silver goblets in a box

Sterling Silver Goblet Set of eight

lion head and anchor silver marking

Sterling Silver Marking

Tiffany & Co. Silver Wine Goblets

This set of four small Tiffany & Co. silver wine goblets is worth two times the silver price. The set weighs approximately  220 grams.

Value: $324.24

set of 4 Tiffany & Co 925 sterling silver goblets

Tiffany & Co. Silver Goblets

Tiffany & Co. Silver Marking

Important manufacturer/silversmiths: Buccellati, Judaica Kiddush, Georg Jensen, Harald Nielsen, Tiffany & Co., David Willaume, Anthony Elson, Barnard & Sons Ltd, Maria, Semenova, A. Michelsen, Thorvald Bindesbøll, CJ Vander Ltd, Stuart Devlin, Wang Hing & Co, William Spratling, Paul Storr, Henry Chawner and John Emes , Omar Ramsden, John Samuel, Robert Sallam.

Sell Sterling Silver Goblets is a great place to sell sterling silver goblets and well-known for offering really high purchase prices. We created a selling kit that makes the selling process simple, secure, and easy to understand. Our experts don’t just throw your silver goblets on a scale to make you an offer. No, we check and investigate every silver marking to gain as much information as possible. Knowing as much details as possible allows us to make you a really great offer. Furthermore we see it as our commitment to prevent historically important artifacts from being melted and lost forever. Sell your silver goblets with confidence to a strong partner and not for little money around the corner.

2 silver goblets ready to sell with a reDollar kit

Calculate the Silver Goblet-Value

Unfortunately, most silver goblets are either unbranded or not made by an important silversmith or an important company. Silver goblets made by Tiffany & Co. or Georg Jensen are rare and special to determine the value. Unimportant silver goblets, damaged goblets, or even broken sterling goblets are priced by the weight and the current silver price. Use a scale to weigh your silver goblets at home to get an idea how much they are worth. Once you know the weight our silver calculator makes it easy to pre-calculate a selling price. You can do this from your home without having to visiting a gold buyer. Learn more about the value of your silver goblets but never sell to your next-door buyer without knowing how much your goblets are worth. You could loose a little fortune.

calculator for silver goblet value calculation

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