Sell Silver Quarters & Quarters Value

Sell Silver Quarters

Millions of silver quarters are still in circulation and waiting to get traded for a good price. Most folks know that a silver quarter minted before 1964 is worth more than just face value. If you are one of those people having plans to sell silver quarters, knowing that they were made of 90% silver and 10% copper weighing 6.25 grams is important to understand if you are about to agree making a good or a bad deal. Today, one ounce of silver is worth $31.08, thus 6.25 grams .900 silver is worth exactly $5.63. At, you get paid $5.07 per silver quarter in excellent condition. Isn’t that an amazing deal?

And it’s so easy to sell quarters with us. You can sell a fistful of silver quarters but also a big load of quarters. We organize that you can ship your silver for free and fully insured guaranteeing you to provide the best possible deal and paying you exactly what we promised to pay. Get started on our website to sell your silver quarters with getting paid in less than 48 hours.

silver quarters on 100 dollar bills is know at the perfect place to sell quarters and any kind of silver. Our experts are also trained to watch out for finding quarters worth more than just silver price. If we do find a silver quarter reflecting a collector’s value, we also pay you much more than just the silver value. Most silver quarters are worth silver but you never know and with us as your selling partner you have the guarantee that we find your “sleeper” in your quarter collection.

We pay either the silver value or 100% face value…

We pay either the silver value or 100% face value – whatever is greater. Probably you know the situation of owning a punch of quarters but not knowing if they even where made of silver. As you learned before, all quarters made till 1964 are made of silver and worth much more than just $0.25 but you don’t have the time to go trough countless coins to catch those made of silver. Let do the job for you! We pay either for the silver value or 100% face value – whatever is greater.

mixture of pre-1964 silver quarters

We serve individuals, business, liquidators or attorneys

It’s really not uncommon that even huge silver quarter collections pop up. Cut out the middleman and get the best deal for your silver quarters. Besides individuals like heirs, attorneys and liquidators can benefit a lot from our service because we get the sorting job done for you while ensuring you to get the best deal.

Common Silver Quarter

very common silver quarter dated 1947

Value: $5.63

Extremely Rare & Valuable Silver Quarter

rare silver quarter dated 1929

Value: approx. $8,000

silver quarter value evaluated with scaleSell Silver Quarters & Get The Quarters Value

Estimated, 99% of all silver quarters are worth the current silver price with no additional collector’s value. But if you deliver silver quarters reflecting a special value, our experts will find out and provide you the best possible deal. Older years can be interesting: Standing Liberty Quarter (1916 – 1930), Barber Head Quarter (1892-1916) or the Liberty Seated Quarter (1838-1891).

Just recently, we saw a PCGS graded 1929 “D” Standing Silver Liberty Quarter selling for 9,000 dollars and an 1892 Proof Barber Quarter, PCGS graded as well, selling for 7,000 dollars. Frankly, finding those silver quarters in an old quarter collection is like hitting the Powerball jackpot but finally you never know and the reDollar experts are trained to expect the impossible.

Mail in Silver Quarters to sell

Selling silver quarters with our popular mail in program is easy, safe and secure. Selling with us ensures you to get paid the highest possible price for your quarters and prevents you from running into a bad deal with a local gold buyer. Our mail in service is fully insured and provided at no costs. Even if you finally decide not to sell your silver quarters with us, you’ll get them returned free of charge.

mail your silver quarters to sell for the best price using UPS

Shipping Kit for selling silver quarters

For most possible convenience, we provide free mail in kits. You can order a free kit on our website and we’ll mail it to your home or office. The selling kit comes with everything needed to ship your silver quarters accompanied by helpful information about the selling process. You can monitor every step we do from afar and you’ll fell updated at any point of time.

silver quarters ready to sell with kit on dollar bills

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