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Wallace Sterling silver cutleryYou would like to sell your sterling silver? Sell your sterling silver to and get paid the highest prices. This is not an empty promise, this is a guarantee. We pay 85%- 95% of the spot price for your silver pieces. Please use our gold calculator to pre-calculate your payment amount. is an outstanding place to sell silver: bracelets, cutlery, brooches, pendants, candlesticks, vases, necklaces, roller pens, flatware, boxes, scrap silver, compotes, bowls, spoons, knives, forks, servers, trays, napkin rings, purses, vanity sets, cups, plates, souvenir spoons, mugs, figurines, scissors, baskets and other items made of .925 silver. If you want to sell your sterling silver it’s critical to find a reliable place to sell your silver. You could lose a lot of money if you would sell your sterling silver at the wrong place not knowing if the give offer is a good price or not. Many silver buyers advertise to pay the highest prices for your silver but please be ware. So many dealers are just fishing for customers. The prices they finally offer for your sterling silver have often nothing to do with their promises. is a different place – a very reliable place. We don’t depend on making ONE good deal to cover our expenses. Our company philosophy is to make thousands of purchases every month, earning just little money each transaction. We serve thousands of satisfied Americans with our great and transparent services. Our biggest gift is your honest recommendation. We’ll do everything in our power to offer you an amazing selling experience.

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 .925 sterling silver  $338.82  $23.23 $1.16

*1 pound equals 14.583 troy ounces

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reDollar.comreDollar silver experts at work is the most reliable place to sell your sterling silver. But what’s our secret? Usually when you go to a dealer to sell your silver the dealer weighs your items to calculate a price for you but he doesn’t put additional efforts in your pieces. The reason for that is that most silver items will be melted down. We at also melt sterling silver but we thoughtfully review every item before we make an offer. That way we can pay you more for your branded Sterling silver or your silver from an important provenience. Sterling silver is not sterling silver. It needs a professional buyer who has the ability to distinguish between silver that is considered scrap silver and silver that has a value higher than the material value. Our highest priority is to work as accurate as possible to find a hidden treasure among your sterling silver. Our accredited appraisers inspect all silver markings to find out the source, the silversmith, the provenience, or the manufacturer. You don’t need to explore your items by yourself because your sterling silver is in best hands and you can put your full trust in us.

We will inform you if your sterling silver contains a hidden treasure and we also let you know how much it’s worth. Furthermore you will receive individual purchase offers: for the scrap silver and also for the more valuable items that we find. Selling with us is the most lucrative way to sell sterling silver. With reDollar you don’t lose money in commission fees, marketing fees or other fees hidden in the fine print. Selling with us is 100% transparent and straightforward. reDollar services come without an obligation to sell and with the guarantee that you don’t pay for our efforts if you’d like to reclaim your items.

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