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Thai gold is a famous form of gold which will be produced, as the name already reveals, in Thailand. Thai gold has a very high purity of 96,5% or 23 carat, this is what it makes it so special. Thai gold will be manufactured in many forms, such as jewelry, bullions, commemorative coins and bars. In our Western civilization it’s really uncommon that jewelry will be manufactured with gold of such a high purity. In general it can be said that goldsmiths in the US, majoritarian use 18 carat gold or also 14 carat gold for the manufacturing of jewelry. Also jewelry made of 22 carat is in circulation but this is rarely the case. So you can see, jewelry made of 23 carat such as Thai gold, is really rare here in the United States.

Thai gold is measured in baht, not to be confused with the Thai baht, the currency of Thailand. In Thailand baht is also a unit of measure for gold. 1 baht = 15,244 grams of 24 carat gold. Also Salung is used as a unit of measure for gold, but it’s the smaller unit in comparison to baht. One Salung = 0,25 baht = 3,81 grams of 24 carat gold.

What makes Thai gold so unique?

The reason why Thai gold is so famous is not least because of the beautiful appeal Thai gold shows. The color of this “rich” and luscious gold fascinates many people. The luscious color of Thai gold comes from the high purity Thai gold has. Also Arabian and Indian gold is manufactured with such a high purity of gold. Thai gold shines at you, this is the reason why so many people get captivated by its beauty.

I would like to sell my Thai gold, what is important to know?

Selling Thai gold can be very attractive for you because of the high purchase price that you can expect. Sell Thai gold jewelry to reDollar is a wise choice because with us you have chosen a reliable gold buyer who is familiar with the special quality of Thai gold. As we already have explained above, pieces manufactured in Thailand have a very high purity, better said not below 23 carat. So when it comes to the moment that you would like to sell your Thai gold, you have to find a reliable buyer who is able to recognize the valuable Thai gold and to analyze it properly, otherwise it may can happen that you don’t get the price your Thai gold is actually worth. When you sell your Thai gold jewelry to you can avoid this possible troubles. We are a professional gold buyer company who is working in the field of buying gold since many years. We have the knowledge and the equipment to identify your Thai gold professionally.

Our current price for one gram of 23 carat Thai gold is $65.84

Sell Thai gold to reDollar – how does it work?

When you have made the decision to sell your Thai gold to then first we would like to thank you for your trust. We are very happy that we could convince you of our company.

The selling process happens in three easy steps:

  1. Sales form: Please fill in our sales form and specify your basics such as name, address and a short description of the items that you would like to sell with us.
  2. Shipping: Please choose a convenient shipping method. You can decide between a free pick up from FedEx at your home or workplace or if you would like to post your gold by yourself, please use our prepaid shipping labels from USPS and bring your parcel to your nearest USPS branch.
  3. Payment: Normally we receive your gold 24-48 hours after shipping. We will then make an appraisal for your items and will present you our price offer. When you agree to our offer it’s assured that we make an immediate payout, optionally as check, money order, PayPal or direct debit. The sales process is finished and we hope we could win you as our new happy customer!

Sell Thai gold to reDollar – with us you have the choice – We make the choice!

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