Sell your Tiffany Brooches

Tiffany brooches are a fabulous eye catcher on every lady’s outfit. It doesn’t need an expert eye to distinguish from a high jewelry brooch from Tiffany and a no name jewelry product. You will see the difference immediately. The accuracy and precision by which a Tiffany jewel will be created is exceptional. The most exquisite selected gemstones and materials symbolize and show the top- class of jewelry design art from Tiffany. Brooches from luxury brands are great assets, especially in hard times when you see yourself forced to sell Tiffany Brooches to gain liquid funds. A Tiffany Brooch guarantees a high resale value, even when the brooch was worn or has signs of use. It’s the legendary brand name Tiffany which stands for excellent jewelers’ craftsmanship and unique masterpieces, that makes your brooch much more valuable and precious. Benefit from this legendary jewel history and this big name and sell Tiffany Brooches with the first class buyer of luxury jewelry. Our team of jewelry experts understands the value of your Tiffany jewelry and so it will be treated. Our international network of buyers and sellers allows us to pay you peak prices for your jewels. The consolidated knowledge that we provide makes it possible to detect truly treasures in your jewelry box. Especially older Tiffany brooches from interesting proveniences or even special orders from aristocrats or tycoons can be detected. Our great pool of information and our connections to the most renowned auction houses in the world guarantee a best price guarantee. Tiffany brooches like the diamond, citrine and ruby “Bird on a rock” brooch from Jean Schlumberger & Tiffany & Co. can be sold with us, as well as Tiffany brooches in higher quantities produced, like the Elsa Peretti Starfish brooch in sterling silver. There is no limit what concerns the sales volume, reDollar has the strong financial power to process almost all selling transactions of Tiffany jewelry. Sell Tiffany brooches with us and make a highly satisfying selling experience. Tiffany brooches need a noble sales market, in reDollar you have found this noble buyer.

Tiffany brooches you can sell with us

Photo Selling Information
Tiffany silver leaf brooch

You can sell Tiffany brooches like this nice maple leaf silver brooch. It’s a vintage piece and reputedly made in the 1980s.

Sell Tiffany brooches like this for up to $100

Tiffany gold enamel brooch

Tiffany created also enamel brooches like this 18k dogwood gold brooch. It’s a classic piece and great extension for a collection.

Sell Tiffany brooches like this for up to $400

Tiffany diamond pearl brooch

Brooches like this 14k Tiffany brooch with diamonds and a center pearl are welcomed to sell with us.

You can sell this Tiffany brooch for up to $450

Tiffany gemstone butterfly brooch

You can sell very valuable Tiffany brooches like this butterfly with us: made of 18k gold with diamonds (approx. 0.65 carat), sapphires (approx. 2.6 carat) and emeralds.

You can sell such Tiffany brooches for up to $5,000

Tiffany sterling silver turtle brooch

We accept Tiffany animal brooches like this turtle brooch made of sterling silver. 

You can sell this brooch for up to $250

Tiffany yellow gold leaf brooch

This Tiffany yellow gold brooch with a nice set diamond was shaped as a leaf and probably made in the 1990s.

Sell similar Tiffany brooches for up to $700

Tiffany platinum diamond brooch

Very valuable Tiffany articles like this stunning platinum diamond brooch with approx. 4.5 carat diamonds in VS quality can sell with us.

Sell Tiffany diamond brooches like this for up to $6.500

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