Sell your Tiffany charms

Charms from Tiffany & Co. are much more than just vogue. Tiffany charms convince with creative and enchanting designs, combined with high quality materials. We value this little exclusive pieces of jewelry and offer our clients fabulous prices for their Tiffany charms. Sell Tiffany charms with reDollar and benefit from a fast and satisfying sales transaction. We love to buy Tiffany charms of all kind, whether you would like to sell Tiffany charms in silver or Tiffany charms in gold, we are your first class buyer of all charms. The value of the charms differs, there are Tiffany charms made of gold that can be sold for more than $500 and there are also Tiffany charms made of silver which can be sold for $50. It strongly depends on the particular charm that you offer us for selling. Give us a call or send us an email with a picture of your charms, and just within minutes we can tell you how much we can pay for your precious Tiffany charms. Charms from famous Tiffany 6 Co. designers or collections like Paloma Picasso, the Ziegfeld Collection, or the Tiffany & Co. Schlumberger collection can sell for particularly high prices. The Ziegfeld collection for example should remember of the glamorous American Jazz Age. The collection was created based on archived Tiffany designs from the 1920’s when Tiffany has already celebrated its vibrant success all over the world. Also The Great Gatsby collection which was created especially for the film based on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s literary classic from 1925, served as basis for this elegant jewelry collection. Sell Tiffany Charms with us, the new, young and innovative generation of jewelry buyers. We offer convenient selling options through the internet. Never before selling jewelry was so lucrative, transparent and simple. Your Tiffany charms need an adequate selling spot, with us, you have just found it.

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