Sell your Tiffany heart necklace

Maybe you own a pretty Tiffany heart necklace and you think about selling? Good that you found us. We are specialized in buying all kinds of Tiffany jewelry. And one of the best seller Tiffany has ever produced, is the heart necklace. It is undoubted that the Tiffany heart tag is one of the most popular pendants in America. No matter if your heart necklace is made of .925 sterling silver, 18k yellow gold or 18k rosé gold. With us you can sell Tiffany heart necklaces of any kind and condition. Not seldom we hear stories that gold buyers don’t accept used Sterling silver jewelry, but not with us. Silver has a quantifiable value just as gold, so there is absolutely no reason of not accepting Sterling silver jewelry, especially if its’ a fancy Tiffany piece. So don’t worry: your Tiffany heart necklace can be sold with us, that’s for sure. The Return to Tiffany collection goes back to the late 60’s. In 1969 the design for this enchanting jewelry motif was born and it didn’t take a long time until thousands of customers fell in love with this pendants, flocking to Tiffany’s Fifth Avenue flagship store in New York. Sell Tiffany heart necklaces with us if you don’t have use for them anymore or if you want to get rid of painful memories. We guarantee almost unbeatable prices and an outstanding service, unobtrusively and brilliant, just like a Tiffany & Co. heart necklace itself.

Sell various Tiffany heart necklaces with us

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Tiffany gold heart necklace

Sell Tiffany necklaces like this 18k yellow gold open heart pendant-necklace. It’s an Elsa Peretti design piece.

Sell similar Tiffany necklaces for up to $200

Tiffany heart necklace with key

Tiffany heart necklaces often come with a key. All pieces were made of .925 sterling silver. They belong to the “Return to Tiffany” series. 

Sell necklaces like this for up to $150

Tiffany heart motif pendant

You can sell Tiffany heart pendant necklaces like this. It’s a heart motif necklace and made of 18k gold.

You can sell Tiffany gold necklaces for up to $350

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