Sell your Tiffany silver necklaces

Tiffany & Co. has one of the best-known silver necklace collections from all over the world. If you search the current necklace and pendant inventory of Tiffany, you’ll find almost 1,000 results. You need a buyer familiar with the huge selection of designs, materials and gemstones if you plan to sell a Tiffany silver necklace. Tiffany’s .925 silver necklaces are highly sought after from American ladies because they are affordable, stable in value and great for selling if the taste changes. Compared with other brands, Tiffany has an outstanding reputation and its collection of silver necklaces is well-sought-out and of finest designs and materials. Extremely popular big sellers are Tiffany’s “Return to Tiffany” heart key pendant necklaces. These silver pendants are available in various shapes like the very common heart-designs. Although tens of thousands Tiffany silver necklaces get produced every year, they are yet ready to sell for a proper amount of money. is a thankful buyer of Tiffany silver necklaces. You can sell modern, vintage, rare or broken Tiffany silver necklaces with us. Check your jewelry case or your drawers, probably you’ll find forgotten or unnoticed Tiffany necklaces you don’t need anymore.

Sell Tiffany silver necklaces

Sadly, it doesn’t make sense to list all the necklaces you can sell with us. Tiffany’s contemporary and former silver necklace collection is too huge to list. Our experts have access to a database with thousands of necklaces, pendants and other Tiffany jewelry and are able to find exactly your piece. Don’t care – we do the investigation for you. Examples of designs and collections we accept: Elsa Peretti, Paloma Picasso, Schlumberger, Tiffany T, Tiffany 1837, Tiffany Atlas, Return to Tiffany, Tiffany Hearts, Tiffany Infinity, Tiffany Keys, Tiffany Sparklers, Tiffany Somerset or Tiffany Lockers. Furthermore all vintage, antique, rare or limited Tiffany silver necklaces. Sell you Tiffany silver necklace with us – it’s the best choice to deal with when it comes to sell .925 necklaces.

Tiffany silver necklaces you can sell with us – approx. payout amounts

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Tiffany heart pendant necklace

You can sell Tiffany silver necklaces like this toggle heart tag pendant necklace. It’s made of .925 sterling silver and a very common article. Heart and clasp are stamped Tiffany & Co. what is a sign for authenticity.

Sell this Tiffany silver necklace for up to $120

Tiffany Initial M-letter necklace

You can sell initial necklaces like this M-letter pendant necklace with us. It was made of .925 silver and is marked several times.

You can sell initial letter necklaces for up to $100

Tiffany Franck Gehry necklace

You can sell Tiffany designer necklaces like this Franck Gehry triple torque necklace. It’s also made of .925 silver.

You can sell this Tiffany designer silver necklace for up to $150

Return to Tiffany heart tag necklace

Return to Tiffany pendants are despite their high circulation very popular in the US. All silver necklaces were made of .925 silver and are available with different shaped necklaces. 

Sell this Return to Tiffany pendant necklace for up to $100

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