Sell unwanted jewelry with us

Unwanted jewelry is jewelry that the owner does not need any more or the owner has no use for it. The term unwanted jewelry is very far-ranging. Unwanted jewelry can be jewelry made of gold, silver or platinum. New jewelry as well as old jewelry or vintage jewelry can be unwanted jewelry. Damaged, broken jewelry as well as jewelry in an excellent condition. Fine jewelry from famous brands can be unwanted jewelry as well as machine made jewelry. You see, the variety of unwanted jewelry is amazing.

Sell unwanted jewelry but where?

You have some unwanted jewelry that you would like to sell? Maybe you inherited vintage jewelry and you, your wife or your daughter does not want to wear this old family jewelry anymore? Or you bought the jewelry many years before and your taste has changed? We know that situations. It happens very often that families brake away from old unwanted jewelry, this is a one of the main reasons why people sell their unwanted jewelry to us. Beside other gold buyers reDollar pays really fair prices that are in the majority of cases much, much higher than the prices from other gold buyers. We set the goal on having thousands of customers within the entire USA and not only having some who we disadvantage. So it’s clear where to sell, to, your trustworthy worldwide web gold buyer!

You can sell your unwanted jewelry with us no matter where in the United States you live. We operate nationwide to the same conditions. We have open 24 hours. That way we can be available for all states at any time. With reDollar you can sell unwanted jewelry round the clock. Get started now and benefit from our flexibility, give us a try and sell your unwanted jewelry to the nr.1 gold buyer.

What kind of unwanted jewelry we buy:

We buy all kinds of unwanted jewelry. With us you can sell brooches, rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings, studs, cufflinks and many other items made of precious metals. The condition of your unwanted jewelry is secondary. For us it’s important that the jewelry that you would like to sell with us is made of precious metals, unfortunately we cannot plated pieces.

Why selling your unwanted jewelry with us?

Why with, that’s a legitimate question. Because we offer the best services and we keep this promise! With us you get transparency, unbeatable prices, convenience, and a fair sales process with no obligation to sell.

Transparency because we make no secret what concerns our purchase prices. With our gold calculator you can calculate by yourself what we can pay for your unwanted jewelry. In comparison to other gold buyers out there, we publish our prices and we update them two times a day so that you are protected against sudden fluctuation in prices.

Unbeatable prices because we only make a little profit on single clients. Our aim is to get thousands of clients and the only way how to reach this goal is to satisfy our clients. The best way to satisfy people who sell jewelry is to pay great prices, that’s what we do.

Convenience because with us you don’t even have to leave your home when you would like to sell your unwanted jewelry. We offer sophisticated shipping models that allow you to stay home while selling with us. As online company like Amazon or eBay we don’t run local stores. Sell your unwanted jewelry with us and book a free collection right now.

Fair sales process because with us you have never an obligation to sell. All our services are free for our appreciated customers and if you should not agree with our price offer, we send back your unwanted jewelry on our expenses, fully insured.

We could convince you? Great, then get started now and sell your unwanted jewelry with us!

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