You need extra money? Sell used gold to reDollar!

It’s the end of the month and you need some extra money? Or you would like to indulge in something special because you are a hardworking person? You are right, you are worth it! To gain some extra money you could sell used gold. Gold is very valuable and the time to sell it now is very good because the gold price is very high these days. If you plan to sell used gold, then do it with reDollar, we are one of the leading gold buyers in the worldwide web. With us you can start selling your gold whenever you want because we operate for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our experts make no brake, we are here for your needs whenever you need us.

What is used gold? How can I sell used gold?

Used gold comes in many, many forms. Used gold can be all kind of gold jewelry, gold coins, gold bars and also dental gold. When we talk about used gold we do not automatically talk about scrap gold which is used gold that can’t be resold anymore. Used gold can be from very high quality and also from very famous brands like Chopard, Tiffany, Cartier, Van Cleef and Arpels, Mikimoto, Bvulgari, Piaget, Graff, Buccelatti, or even Harry Winston. Sell used gold does not mean sell bad quality gold. Fine gold jewelry can be also named used gold as the less attractive dental gold. We buy all kinds of used gold items. We love to buy fine jewelry pieces as well as scrap gold or damaged gold coins. Used of every age, condition and provenience is more than welcomed! We employee many experts who determine the value of your gold professionally. Our team of experts is able to deal with any situation and any sales volume. Whether you would like to sell with us used gold in form of an entire collection of gold coins, fine luxury jewelry, a single damaged vintage ring or a big amount of scrap gold. We are prepared for any sales situation!

”I would like to sell used gold, how does the sales process with reDollar works?”

The sales process with reDollar is very simple and safe. Our highly qualified service representatives will be available for your needs from the very first contact until the sales process is finished. First, please fill in our online sales form and specify just your basics. Please give us a short description of the items that you would like to sell with us. Please check what we accept to see the big variety of valuables that we buy. We understand the high value of your used gold and other items that’s why we only offer insured shipping methods. Please choose a shipping method that suits you best. For items with a very high sales volume we recommend a secured courier pick up. Alternatively you can also ship your used gold with our prepaid shipping labels. Sell used gold has never been so easygoing before. Especially for very busy people, elderly people or people with handicaps we offer a great opportunity of selling used gold. With us you can sell from everywhere in the US, no matter if you live in far off Alaska or in the big apple. Normally we receive your package 1-2 days after shipping. As soon as we can confirm the receipt of your items, we will notify you by email or phone. Our appraisers will then check your valuables in detail and will make you an offer. All our services are cost-free for you. With us you have no obligation for sale, that’s for sure. If you should change your mind, no problem. Immediately we send back your items, free and fully insured. Check our prices and try our gold calculator, we share our purchase prices with the public! Our high purchase prices are not a promise they are a strong commitment. Give us a try and start selling unwanted gold with reDollar, we bet you won’t regret it!

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