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reDollar flyer with vintage jewelry in a silver trayYou own vintage jewelry and you don’t have any use for it anymore? For this reason you may plan to sell some of your vintage pieces? Great, that’s a wise decision because the prices are high these days. The increased gold and silver prices led to higher payout amounts than some years before. But it’s not only because of the higher precious metal prices. It’s also because there is a new demand for vintage jewelry. It’s hip to wear some vintage jewelry pieces. There is a fashion revival of vintage jewelry going on. Just recently Christie’s has announced that exuberant, colorful Italian jewelry design from the stylish and decadent 1950s and 1960s is en vogue and highly-sought after again. It’s a great time to cash out right now. But beware, there are lots of dealers offering bad quotes for your beautiful vintage pieces. So often we hear from our customers that our competitors badmouth vintage jewelry. “There is no demand” or “it’s old-fashioned”, they argue. Of course, there are tons of vintage jewelry pieces on the market, only worth the scrap metal price. But this does not apply to the great majority of vintage jewelry. For this enlightening reason you should only trust experienced, reliable and skilled buyers like us. reDollar is offering really high payout amounts and we don’t only offer the scrap metal price. We differ between vintage pieces worth more than t just the material value and pieces worth just the scrap metal value. In case of selling with us, we let you know all facts in detail. There is no need to be in fear to get ripped off. We are working hard to get your recommendation – and that’s our most important earning.

reDollar offers you flexible selling options offers you very flexible and convenient selling options. If you want to get started right now, then please fill in our online sales form,  get a free shipping label from us and send us your valuables just today. If you would like that we send you a free selling kit that includes everything (a selling description, a free shipping label and an appropriate air cushion packaging) you need for a fast and convenient shipping of your valuables to us, then please order your persona reDollar kit. Both selling options are easy to perform and fully secured due to our clever insurance solutions.

Sell vintage jewelry from famous brands and from no-name makers

vintage jewelry and bank notes in a redollar selling envelopeWith us you can sell vintage jewelry from famous brands such as Cartier, Tiffany, Bvlgari, Chanel, Van Cleef & Arpels or Harry Winston as well as vintage jewelry from no-name gold-smiths and jewelers. Rare vintage jewelry pieces from famous jewelers can reach record prices because this pieces stand for a uniqueness which is not reproducible. That factor makes such pieces unique and very valuable for jewelry collectors and vintage jewelry lovers. What plays a price building role is also the previous provenience of vintage jewelry or in other words, the information who was the owner of a certain piece of fine vintage jewelry. A vintage gold necklace owned by Jacky Kennedy Onassis can have an astronomically high value, just because this iconic person has owned the jewel years before or in the best possible case it was a custom-made piece which exists just one time in that special design. If you follow the jewelry auctions from reputable auction houses, magnificent jewels from the past, with exciting histories, backstories and from famous previous owners were auctioned regularly. But even if you don’t want to sell vintage jewelry from famous brands or fascinating previous owners we are more than happy to accept your vintage jewelry for sale. Broken, damaged or tarnished old vintage jewelry pieces can sell for much money. Usually we calculate and treat this kind of vintage jewelry as scrap jewelry. Use our transparent gold calculator and find out what we pay for your vintage jewelry per gram or dwt. You can calculate the price for all common gold, silver and platinum alloys. For branded vintage jewelry we pay a price premium as a matter of course.

Some price examples for vintage jewelry

Chanel vintage gold brooch with pearls Sell this beautiful Chanel gold brooch with pearls for $500
Harry Winston vintage diamond earrings Sell this breathtaking vintage diamond earrings from Harry Winston for $7,500
David Yurman Quatrefoil vintage gold and diamond ring Sell this beautiful David Yurman Quatrefoil 18k gold cocktail ring with diamonds for $2,250
Tiffany & Co. vintage diamond brooch Sell this elegant Tiffany & Co. diamond brooch for $1,250
18k gold vintage diamond ring with aquamarine Sell this wonderful 18k gold ladies ring with diamonds and an aquamarine for $1,000
Bvlgari b.zero1 ring Sell this pretty, classic Bvlgari B. zero1 ring for $500
18k gold vintage bracelet with reDollar flyer Sell this beautiful 18k gold vintage bracelet for $3,000
18k gold vintage pendant with citrine Sell this pretty 18k gold pendant with a Citrine for $750

Curious vintage jewelry story – the hidden Fabergé egg

redollar advertising with Fabergé book and loupeProbably you have heard the story about a scrap metal dealer who has made a $33 million dollar profit just by spending $10,000 for a flea market buy. This man bought a piece of antique, looking like an egg with a couple of gemstones on it. Primarily, he planned to melt it down. But after a while he realized that melting down the egg would not bring him the desired profit. It was a fragile jewelry masterpiece and the precious metal content could bring just $500. In the fear of losing a lot of money he began to determine and check the egg in detail. So he involved some experts and shortly afterwards he found out that he owns an authentic Fabergé egg – worth $33 million. This would have never happened, if the original seller of this egg would have contacted It’s for sure that our appraisers would have recognized the value of such a wonderful, rare and unique antique jewelry piece. The flea market seller lost $33 million because of selling an item he was not able to determine. Don’t make the same mistake and offer your vintage jewelry and other vintage accessories to reDollar. We always find out how much your vintage jewelry is worth and how much we can offer you. We have just low margins to make our customers happy. Of course, we are not able to perform a miracle. That’s why we don’t want to fish for customers by promising things we can’t keep. But what we can keep in any case is, that we always offer a fair quote for your vintage jewelry.

Selling vintage jewelry with reDollar brings you quick cash in times you need liquid funds. No matter if you want to sell vintage jewelry from famous jewelers, you can benefit from our highly skilled experts who make a high payout possible, or you sell broken, old or unwanted vintage jewelry to us and get paid the highest possible scrap price.

How it works to sell vintage jewelry with us

redollar experts are checking vintage jewelrySelling vintage jewelry with reDollar is a very simple process. We are an online based company like eBay or Amazon. That means our clients from all over the US send their assets to our laboratory where all strings come together. We appraise your assets and depending on your decision we pay instantly for your assets or in case you have changed your mind, we return your assets instantly. At no point of time we burden you with any costs. All services are free for you, shipping, handling, appraisal services etc. You can get started online by filling out a brief sales form, we organize your shipping you just need to bring your parcel with your valuables to the post office or you decide for a free pick-up and we will take care of the rest. Your items will be opened under a video camera, checked and evaluated. You will get an in-depth laboratory report with our purchase offer for your vintage jewelry. We guarantee you an instant on-the-same-day payment. Alternatively we can also send you a free selling kit that includes everything for a hassle free, fast and secured selling process. So what are you waiting for? Sell your vintage jewelry with us – You will not regret it! is your first online buyer for jewelry of any kind!


Maria TaitMaria Tait jewelry expert redollar looking at gold jewelry is the author of this article and the current reDollar head of jewelry. Maria is always available for your inquiries related to jewelry in general, fine jewelry and antique jewelry. If you have any questions about your vintage jewelry, ask Maria a question. It’s free and she is always excited and curious to receive new inquiries about any kind of vintage jewelry.

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