Sell vintage watches online

You own vintage watches that you don’t wear anymore? You would like to sell your vintage watches to fabulous prices but you don’t know a reliable buyer? Welcome to reDollar! We are the first watch buyer on the internet. We are specialized in buying luxury watches, vintage watches, and brand- new watches of any condition and age. Our watch department guarantees an analysis of your vintage watch which is accurate in every detail. Sell your vintage watches online and make a great selling experience. Our experts operate in that field of business since many years and have long lasting consolidated knowledge, hence you can be sure that your vintage watch is in best hands with us. Our long lasting experience makes it possible to recognize every watch model which has ever been on the market. We are not only specialized in watches from Switzerland or America, we are familiar with watch manufacturers from all over the world. There is nothing which we haven’t seen before. These ranges from important rarity watches to very common fashion watches. Sell vintage watches with us, we are sure you won’t regret it.

What are the pros when you sell vintage watches with reDollar?

The pros of making an online selling transaction with reDollar are definitely the high prices you get offered, combined with a fast and accurate process. Selling online with reDollar offers you independence and flexibility. When you sell your vintage watches online then you send them to our laboratory. This happens with flexible and secure shipping models. We offer a free and secured courier pick up from your home or workplace or alternatively a self-organized shipping with our prepaid shipping labels. Selling online is very convenient and perfectly suited for people who don’t want to leave their home to make the deal. Our independent test of local watch buyers has shown that the majority of the tested local watch buyers offer in-acceptable prices for vintage watches. Not seldom the offered prices are far below the fair market price and the missing knowledge of the buyers has again exacerbate our opinion. It’s a matter of common knowledge that watch buyers don’t have the best reputation but unfortunately this is based on real experiences. reDollar makes it better! We are the next, young generation of watch buyers and we present us transparent, skilled, and fair. Don’t waste your time with unreliable local buyers or online watch buyers who promise you the moon. Make the deal with us and sell your vintage watches with reDollar. Our top prices are not an empty promise, they are a bond for us.

Is it risky to sell vintage watches online?

No definitely not! Regardless of which shipping method you choose you are always 100% protected against thief or loss. All shipments are fully covered with a global insurance. For the very rare case that anything should happen to your vintage watch, we’ve got you fully covered. The shipping of valuable goods is nothing uncommon these days. Everyday thousands of diamonds, art pieces, luxury watches and jewelry, gold and many other high-valued items will be shipped all over the world. The insurance groups and shipping providers are well-prepared for the global exchange of goods. reDollar as well! Request a free appraisal for your vintage watch if you would like to find out the value, or get started right now and get paid within just 48 hours.

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