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Wedding bands can be made of gold, platinum, palladium and nearly never made of silver. The most popular materials for wedding bands are gold and platinum. The majority of wedding bands are made of gold in a quality of 18K gold or 14K gold. In the past also wedding bands of only 10K were common but that doesn’t apply to the present. We guess, you plan to sell a yellow gold wedding band or a platinum wedding band, right? Perfect, because in you found honesty, reliability and professionalism. Our company philosophy guarantees the highest prices for wedding bands of any condition, any amount and made from any brand. In comparison to the majority of gold buyers we also take into account special characteristics like the provenience or well-known designers when we calculate your payout amount. Don’t sell your wedding bands to the next gold buyer in your neighborhood. First, you can get paid too little money and second it’s more convenient to sell with Don’t waste your precious time to compare your local buyers. Take your wedding band right away and sell it with us.

There is no obligation: use our gold calculator, if you don’t own a special designer wedding band or a diamond wedding band to find out how much we pay. Please remember that selling comes always without any obligations and plus our top dollar guarantee. Just start online by using our selling form to do the first step of selling your wedding band.

Special skills and knowledge:, the perfect place to sell a wedding band

We identify your jewelry: Tiffany wedding bands, Van Cleef & Arpels wedding bands or wedding bands from other very well-known designers are not a hurdle for our appraisers. Tiffany bands are mostly made of platinum. The offer blank bands, diamond bands and designer brands like the Lucida wedding band, the Milgrain wedding band, the Novo band, the Harmony band, Elsa Peretti bands, Cobblestone bands, Jazz bands, Schlumberger bands, Notes bands, Paloma Picasso bands or Circle bands. Our experts identify the brand, the designer and the source of your wedding bands. These are very important price building facts besides the precious metal content and the number and or characteristic of mounted diamonds. Furthermore we are working in teams to ensure the best selling experience for you.

Sell wedding bands of famous provenience:

Not only dealers or collectors appreciate our high professional service level. From time to time, also individuals are in the lucky situation of owning a very special wedding band, maybe a vintage wedding band from an interesting provenience, from a famous Hollywood actor, or from politician families for example. A wedding band can be a lot more than just a piece of gold or platinum. It’s our mission to identify the rarity and to provide a very high purchase price.

How we calculate the value of standard wedding bands

diamond wedding ringLet’s say you plan to sell a wedding band made of gold. Common in the US are 14K rings and 18K rings. The finest quality of gold is 24K equaling 99% of pure gold. 18K gold equals 75% of pure gold and 14K equals 58.5% of pure gold. We need this information, to calculate the value of your wedding band. Almost all wedding bands are marked with a so-called “hallmark” indicating the purity of gold. If you are not able to identify your marking, please use a magnifier. The second important information is the weight of your wedding band. It’s a matter of taste if you have bought a thin or a thick wedding band back then. An average wedding band weighs between 5 gram and 10 gram in the US. Today, you could sell a 5 gram wedding band made of 18K gold for $145 with us and a 10 gram wedding band for $290.

In comparison to 18K bands, 14K wedding bands show a lower value. A 5 gram wedding band made of 14K gold can sell for $90 and a 10 gram wedding band can sell for about $180. You see the huge difference of value between 18K gold and 14K gold? It’s really significant and therefore most important to know for the first evaluation from afar.

But don’t worry. That’s just a calculation example. There is no need for you to determine the purity or the weight if you don’t want to. Our appraiser performs that job for you and it’s good to know that you’ll get a selling report that indicates the weight and the karat of every single gold position. If you sell wedding bands with our company, you are informed at any time about every of our steps.

Sell diamond wedding band with us

If you plan to sell diamond wedding bands, you can also make a first calculation by yourself. Besides the gold calculator, you’ll also find a diamond calculator on our website. If you have a certification handy, it’s easy to calculate the value of diamonds too. And it doesn’t matter if you offer Chanel set bands, Eternity bands, Prong set bands or Solitaire bands. Our experts are able to deal with any kinds of settings without removing your stones.

I don’t have a certification! I lost my certification!

Do be honest, a wedding band with certification can sell for a bit more than a wedding band without a certification. It’s not because of the authenticity because authenticity can be approved quickly. It’s because of the potentially resale to diamond traders. They prefer to buy stones with certificates because such stones can sell faster. We have to hire a gemologist to create a new certification. Besides the costs for a certification also the time plays a role. But don’t worry about that, we speak about a deduction in the range of 1% up to 3% – nothing significant. Go ahead and also sell diamond wedding bands without certification with us.

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