Ready for selling? Where can you sell your gold jewelry?

Hi Maria! I have some gold jewelry to sell. A gold ingot pendant, a Krugerrand bracelet and a diamond brooch. Granny said this jewelry is valuable. I’m in need of some extra cash and would like to sell this items. I don’t want to get ripped off as I’ve seen it several times on TV. I found your great service on your website and I’d like to know, where can I sell gold jewelry to fair and good conditions?
Brian from Arvada in Colorado

Dear Brian, I’m very happy to assist you today. I’m the jewelry expert and familiar with any kind of jewelry like scrap jewelry, fine jewelry, vintage jewelry or even diamond jewelry. You know, I asked you for your help spotting the gold markings, weighing your gold, and measuring the diamond because we do an evaluation from afar. Thanks to e-mail and high-resolution smartphone cameras making an approximate evaluation from afar possible. I think I could find out many interesting facts for you. Furthermore, answering your question where can I sell gold jewelry, is easy for me.
reDollar appraiser, Maria Tait

Brian wanted to know, where can I sell gold jewelry?

Brian: Maria, what about my jewelry I presented to you? Is it easy to sell? How much money can I expect and where can I sell gold jewelry? Please help me I’m in need of some extra cash and I’d like to get paid the most cash.

Maria: Brian, I tell you what. You have some nice and valuable items. Really. I did my best to discover them and to determine a realistic value. First, I would like to talk about the ingot pendant. It says CREDIT SUISSE, 20g FINE GOLD 999.9, ESSAYEUR FONDEUR. The information “20g” tells us that it is a gold ingot weighing 20 gram. Gram is a European weighing unity. 20 gram equals 12.86 pennyweights. You told me that the ingot pendant weighs 14.78 dwt what means that the ingot setting weighs 1.92 dwt. You spotted an 18K marking on the setting what means that the setting is made of 18K gold while the ingot is made of 24K gold. We have to calculate the value of the setting apart from the ingot. Spoken in facts that means that your gold ingot has a current value of $900 and the ingot’s setting a value of $67. You can sell this pendant for about $967, in case of authenticity. Remember, I told you that checking the authenticity is not possible from afar. From time to time we see faked gold ingots in our labs. But that happens very seldom.

Brian: That’s awesome! I was hoping to achieve such an amount for this ingot. My own calculation was a little lower than yours. So, perfect. Tell me more good news, Maria.

Maria: I’m happy that you are satisfied with my first evaluation. Let’s continue like that Now let’s talk about the diamond brooch. I was not able to find out the diameter of your diamond without your help. And please consider that we don’t know for sure if it’s a real diamond without checking it in person by using my diamond tester. We trust the engraved information saying that a 0.31 carat diamond was mounted. Based on that information I can tell you, that’s not a big diamond and the brooch is not very special. Its condition is nice but I guess there is no big demand for such a piece of jewelry. So, it sells for the gold price only. You determined a weight of 8.35 dwt. That shows a current value of about $292. I didn’t calculate the diamond because it’s a really small stone and its value wouldn’t affect your total amount. I would take the diamond out of your brooch for selling. You can keep the stone for your records or you try to sell it for some bucks.

Brian: Also not bad. But now let’s talk about my Krugerrand bracelet. It’s an awesome piece of jewelry and I’m so excited to learn more about the value. And please tell me where can I sell gold jewelry.

Maria: I fully agree. Your Krugerrand pendant is impressive. You have a three quarter ounces set and a massive bracelet. You told me a total weight of 35.57 pennyweights for this piece of jewelry. That’s a lot. The calculation is nearly the same procedure like we did it with your ingot pendant. First, we have to calculate the value of your coins and second the value of your bracelet and the settings. You told me your bracelet is marked as 18K gold. Three quarter ounces weigh 14.98 dwt. which has to be deducted from the total weight of 35.57 dwt. what equals 20.59 dwt. Based on that calculation your blank bracelet shows a current value of $720. Based on the current gold price your three quarter coins sell for $1,048 what equals a subtotal value of $1,768.

Brian: What a value. That’s more than just fine. I don’t want to bring you into a hurry but where can I sell my gold jewelry?

Maria: First, I would recommend to sell it to a company offering at least $3,027. You can ask your local gold buying companies. But you can also offer your jewelry to pawn shops, jewelers or second hand dealers besides the classic gold buyers. Don’t accept any negotiation going under $3,000. Another option is selling online. Sell your jewelry to our company, if you don’t get a better price quote in your area. Our process is done in less than 48 hours and we also offer cash in form of money orders. If you prefer selling without using your checking’s account, we are prepared.

Brian: Thanks for answering all my questions. I’ll shop around and maybe I start selling online on your website within the next days. I have read about a free collection at my home. Is shipping always fully covered?

Maria: Shipping is always insured by using our shipping options. Only self organized shipping is not covered by our company or our insurance partners.

Brian: Thank you so much Maria!

Maria: You’re very welcome.

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