Learn to calculate the silver value in 3 easy steps

Calculate Silver Value

3 easy steps you can do at home

Check silver markings
Weigh silver with a scale
Calculate silver value online

Check For Silver Markings

Spot the silver markings. Common silver markings are .900, .925 and .999.

magnified .999 silver marking on silver bar

Weigh Your Silver

Weighing silver items with a scale is important as silver is priced per weight.

.925 silver to be weighed on a digital scale

Calculate Silver Value

After spotting the markings and weighing your silver, calculating the value is easy.

silver bar on a calculator

Calculate Silver Value

It’s really easy to calculate the silver value at home. Especially if plans are made to sell silver. Be aware that the value is highly important as most gold buyers tend to offer just little money for silver. Doing a brief value-determination is not only possible, it’s also easy if you know how. You need a sharp eye or a magnifying glass and a well-functioning scale. A digital scale is recommended although you don’t need a super expensive one. For weighing jewelry, coins, and small silver bars a 5 dollar scale will do just fine.

The whole process can be done in 3 easy steps: spot the silver-markings, weigh your silver, and calculate the silver value by using our calculator tool. The calculator is easy to use. You really don’t need to have expert knowledge for that.

The Current Silver Value

No matter if you plan to sell sterling silver or fine silver, the current silver price is what matters. Today, one ounce of fine silver sells for $29.55 with reDollar.com while the competition will probably offer significantly less money. Understanding the value of your silver is super important and this guideline will help you to find out how much your silver is worth.

Spot Silver Markings

The first thing you need to do is spotting the silver markings. You need to find out what kind of silver you have before you can calculate the silver value. Very common silver markings are .925 and .999. Silver from foreign countries can show different markings such as .800, .835 or .900. Sometimes, markings can be hard to identify as they can be worn out over a very long period of time and heavy use. A magnifier can be very helpful to spot these markings. Don’t forget to write down what you discover.

Tip: Jewelry is usually marked on the clasp, silverware is usually marked on the bottom, flatware is marked on the back of the handle, coins are rarely marked, and silver bars are almost always clearly marked.

925 Silver Marking

.925 silver marking on a chains clasp

Weigh Your Silver

Weighing your silver is very important as most silver items are priced based on the weight. Pieces from famous brands such as Tiffany & Co. or other brands are excluded from this general rule. Excluded are also very old or very rare silver items. If we had to guess, approximately 95% of all silver items are priced by the silver weight and which is why you need to weigh your silver. Please always use a digital scale for doing that and not an old analog scale. A letter scale or a small scale is just fine.

Don’t forget to weigh according to the markings that you’ve found and please do NOT combine .925 silver and .999 silver as .999 silver is more valuable and you want to calculate the silver value as accurate as possible.

Weigh Your Silver

silver necklace based on a scale to determine weight

Calculate Silver Value

Finally, it is easy to calculate the silver value as you know both, the type of silver (.925, .999 etc.) and the silver’s weight (determined in gram or pennyweight). You can now calculate the silver value by using our silver calculator. You only need to select the type of your silver to enter your weight. Voilà – you’ve calculated your silver’s value.

Today’s Silver Value

Sell .999 silver for: $29.55 per ounce
Sell .925 silver for: $24.48 per ounce

Calculate Silver Value

silver chain value calculated with calculator

Special Instructions for Calculating the Silver Value

Some items need special knowledge. Please read our additional hints for silver bars, silver coins, and scrap silver.

Calculate Silver Bar Value

Most silver bars are made of .999 silver, also called fine silver. They are easy to identify as the .999 mark is stamped prominently on the bar’s surface. Some silver bars are made of sterling silver marked .925. Please don’t worry about a scale showing a slightly different weight than expected. One ounce of silver has a weight of 31.1 grams. This scale shows 31.22 grams because it’s a basic scale for 5 dollars. This is totally fine for a rough pre-calculation. If a bar was heavily used and shows deep scratches, it could easily have lost 1 gram and sometimes even more.

weighing a silver bar with digital scale

Calculate Silver Coin Value

Silver coins are sometimes tricky as they usually don’t show a marking of the silver alloy. While some coins are made of pure silver, others are made of .925 sterling silver or even made of a low-graded silver alloy. Some international silver coins contain only 50% silver and sometimes even less. If the coin is not indicating its purity, you need to do a research. This are your options: you can either try looking up the purity on the internet or you can send a free inquiry to one of our experts. It can be very helpful just to type the information stated on the coin into Google or Bing to find out more.

weighing a silver coin with digital scale

Calculate Scrap Silver Value

Scrap silver is usually marked, however some markings are hiding good as they are either very small or worn out over the years. Very old scrap silver is usually also marked but you really need a sharp eye and patience. Markings can hide very well between links or on the back of a closer. Silverware is usually easy to identify as plenty of space allows a good-sized silver marking. Be careful with “WEIGHTED” marked silver as non-precious parts were used to add stability to the silver object. (Article Tip: What does weighted sterling mean?)

weighing scrap silver with digital scale

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