How much is 333 gold worth?

How much is 333 gold worth? How much is 8K gold worth?

First, it’s important to understand that 333 gold and 8K gold are basically the same. While some gold items are marked “333,” others are marked “8K,” but both markings refer to the same gold purity. Items marked 333 or 8K consist of 33.3% pure gold. In the US, these markings are quite uncommon, as these types of gold come from German- speaking countries and some Scandinavian areas.

Current Value of 8K gold

Although 8K gold contains just a small portion of pure gold, it’s still valuable. Its real material value per gram is currently $25.58, and you can sell 333 gold for $23.02 per gram to our company.

  • Compared with 10K gold, 333 gold is worth $5.74 less per gram.
  • Compared with 14K gold, 333 gold is worth $17.42 less per gram.
  • Compared with 18K gold, 333 gold is worth $28.83 less per gram.

The Marking | 333 Gold = 8K Gold

Keep an eye out for this marking! Items marked “333” have a good value, as they are not gold-filled or gold-plated. In their origin countries, items marked “333” are considered solid.
333 Gold Gold-Marking

Every now and then, people sell some 333 gold to our company. Every item marked “333” or “8K” is guaranteed to contain at least 33.3% pure gold. We did some XRF tests on 333-marked gold items, proving that a very common alloy is 33.3% pure gold with 16.5% pure silver and 50% copper.

Other 333-gold alloys

  • 33.3% pure gold, 10% silver, & 56.7% copper
  • 33.3 pure gold, 54% silver, & 12.7% copper

333 Gold = 33.3% Pure Gold

33.3% Pure Gold
16.5% Pure Silver
50.0% Copper

How much is 8K gold worth?

As initially mentioned, a stack of 33.3% pure gold was used to craft this kind of item, meaning that other metals like copper or silver were added as well. Although silver, if present in the item, is a precious metal, only the gold is what makes your item valuable. But don’t get too excited, as 333 gold is the lowest-graded gold purity known. In the US, it’s even illegal to call that kind of jewelry solid gold, although its value is significantly higher than the value of gold-plated or gold-filled items. Some pawn shops or jewelers will even refuse to buy these kinds of items from you.

  • Sell 1 gram of 333 gold for $23.02
  • Sell 1 pennyweight of 333 gold for $35.68

Where to sell 333 gold?

In the US, selling 333 gold and describing it as solid gold is illegal. We regularly hear about people who sell gold on eBay describing it as solid gold. We believe that there is nothing wrong with describing it as solid gold; however, it’s against the law, so you should avoid using the term “solid gold.” We have never heard of anyone getting prosecuted for doing so, but better to be safe than sorry.

Selling 333 gold for a fair price is not that easy, as many buyers don’t know how to handle 8K gold, and those who deal with it will probably give you a really bad quote. But is different, as we offer the same 90% high price as we do for other gold alloys like 14K gold or 18K gold.

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