We check the price: how much is your 750 gold worth?

The gold marking “750” refers to what is known as 18K gold in the US. Both terms mean basically the same thing and represent  the exact same value.
Today, 1 gram of 750 gold sells for $51.82 and 1 pennyweight of 750 gold sells for $80.32. Most items marked “750” are produced in European countries, and due to European laws, appropriate marking is required. The marking “750” means that 750 out of 1000 parts of that item are made of pure gold. In short, it’s 75% pure gold which can be called high-graded solid gold.

750 Gold Fact Check

Contains 75% pure gold
Equals 18K gold
European gold
Sells for $51.82/gm
Sells for $80.32/dwt
Stock market value $57.52/gm

reDollar jewelry experts checking gold stampIt’s good news if you discover jewelry marked 750, as it’s one of the highest-graded gold alloys used to produce jewelry. Finding a piece marked 750 means that it was made in Europe and not in the USA. The term karat (short: “k” or “kt”) is used in North and South America to specify the gold amount in jewelry. People can get confused if they find a piece that is marked 750.

We regularly have customers call us to ask if the term “750” refers to gold-plated or gold-filled items. We have even heard about pawn shops refusing to buy 750-marked jewelry, as they are uncertain about the gold purity. Please keep in mind that 750-marked items are highly valuable. Jewelry with such a marking is neither gold-plated nor gold-filled. Such solid gold items have a substantial value, and their value is usually determined per gram or pennyweight.

How Much is 750 Gold Worth? – The Selling Price

750 stamped closer of gold chainA reliable jewelry buyer is familiar with 750 gold and should offer a very high price for such high-graded gold. We recommend that you be very careful, because it’s no secret that many buyers will try to buy your gold for less than it’s worth. Always try to find out more about the value of your gold before selling and make a pre-evaluation at home. The math can be done easily and will prevent you from losing a decent amount of money. Some buyers will probably try to get your gold for as little as 50% of its real value. reDollar pays 90-95% of the stock market value for your gold, which is significantly more than the vast majority of buyers are willing to pay. The value of gold jewelry is based on many factors including the brand or the designer. Branded 750 gold jewelry will sell for more money than just the material value.

Most jewelry that is marked 750 is priced per weight excluding branded jewelry and fine gemstone and diamond jewelry, for which you can expect to get paid much more. A reliable buyer will weigh your item and come up with an offer very close to the current gold value. reDollar.com will offer you 90% of the current material value, which is known to be the highest possible price. We even provide an accurate, up-to-date gold calculator, making it easy for you to compare prices and understand how pricing works.

The 750 Gold Marking

The marking 750 indicates that your item is made of solid 18K gold. There are fakes in circulation, but such fakes are uncommon. Using a magnet can help you to determine fake jewelry, as gold is diamagnetic, which means that it will repel a magnet but won’t attract it. Please bear in mind that a clasp attached to a piece of jewelry can show magnetism because steel inlays are used to ensure that the clasp lasts a long time.

gold closer stamped 750

Important Additional Information About 750 Gold

750-marked gold contains 75% pure gold, but it also contains other metals. Depending on the color, metals such as silver, copper, cadmium, zinc, or tin are added to the pure gold. It’s a matter of taste (color preference) and a matter of the desired durability, as chains or bracelets need to be more resistant against bending and cracking than brooches. Pure gold is known to have a soft characteristic, which is why pure gold is very uncommon in jewelry production. The only exceptions are in Asia and the Middle East, where countries produce fine, pure gold jewelry marked 999, 999, 998, or 995.

What's in your 750 marked jewelry?

75% Pure Gold
25% Other Metals

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