Pawn your iPad to get some extra cash for your needs

We all know this situation. Jauntily you come home from your work and suddenly you will be surprised by an unexpected bill. Where do we go from here? reDollar has the solution for you! Millions of households in the United States are in possession of high standard electronics such as Apple iPads. This popular electronics are very valuable and can be used as a perfect collateral in difficult financial positions. An iPad costs some hundreds of Dollars, that’s a lot! If your iPad works properly and is in an adequate to excellent condition, we are more than happy to accept it. Pawn an iPad is very easy and an attractive option to overcome a financial shortage.

The process of pawning iPads is very easy and transparent. When you have decided to pawn your iPad with us, please fill in our concise pawning form online. Please just specify your basics like your name and address and maybe describe your collateral and the condition in some words. If you need a certain amount of money, please also add this information, your concern is very important to us. The more we learn from you the more we can help you, with the client is king. After this step you can decide which way of shipping you prefer. We receive all the pawned objects in our high standard laboratory where our experts work who appraise the assets. We can offer you three types of shipping. First you can ship your iPad by yourself, alternatively to be on the right side, you can also ship your iPad while using a free pick up from FedEx and the third option is a shipping with a prepaid shipping label which we would provide for you. Feel free to use the way of shipping that you prefer. After this step you can lean back and relax. Our experts receive your iPad within 24-48 hours and will make an immediate check of your collateral. What comes next is a great offer for your Apple iPad. When you accept, we make an instant payment, optionally by check, money order or direct debit. To no point of time you have the obligation to pawn your iPad to us. For the implausible case that you should be not satisfied with our price, we return your iPad to you, free of any costs.

What are your precautions?

If you pawn an Apple iPad you are very lucky because to no point of time any hidden or extra costs occur. You are also not confronted with nontransparent interests on interests. Your iPad is our and your collateral so if you don’t pay the monthly interests the worst that can happen is that you lose your iPad, but that’s it. We would never burden our clients with any costs that are not easy to comprehend.

The following iPad models we like:

– iPad Air
– iPad Air 2
– iPad mini 3
– iPad mini 2
– iPad mini

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