Pawn a tablet to get some extra cash

Who doesn’t know this situation: there is an unexpected bill in the mailbox and you are short on money. And suddenly you are in need of extra cash! Extra cash can help you out between your paychecks or even when you are unemployed. Pawning a tablet can solve your problems because you can use your Apple or Samsung tablet to secure a quick pawn loan. You can pawn a tablet of other brands too. But the year of make has to be 2014 or 2015. The main advantage of a pawn loan is that there are no questions asked to get the loan. Your tablet or other assets are used as a collateral and that’s it. We don’t ask you questions and we also don’t care about your plan to repay. We trust in your good intentions. We want to help you out of an exhausting situation. Pawn a tablet right now just by getting started.

Pawn a tablet online

If you live in the countryside, you have to drive countless of miles to find a pawn shop. Or you stuck in traffic and spend your last money for parking when you try to find a reliable pawn shop in a big city. And also if you have found a pawn shop, it’s not for sure that they are willing to accept your tablet. There are so many pawn shops in the US only accepting jewelry, gold, guns, diamonds or luxury watches. This guys don’t care about a small pawn loan for a tablet. But does. We see in all potential customers friends, sticking in a problematic situation with an urgent need of help. It’s our duty to help you as good as we can. Therefor we also accept your tablet and other electronics for pawning. Pawn a tablet online to get cash by tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. The pawning process is done in less than 3 minutes. Just tell us your personal information and what you like to pawn. Finally, you ship your tablet free of charges and fully insured to our company. USPS or UPS are the carriers of your choice. Don’t forget to add your accessories or a receipt to increase your payout amount. Adding accessories can increase your payout amount up to 30%.

Last but not least it is good to know that a pawn loan is more affordable than a payday loan. A pawn loan comes without balloon interest fees and without any obligation to repay. Well, failing to repay a pawn loan hurts too because you could lose your collateral in the worst case. But you can never get into death using a pawn loan. To no point of time you have to pay for extra costs like a late payment fee. Failing to repay a pawn loan also never affects your credit score because your tablet based pawn loan is only documented in our company. Your personal information will be never shared with credit agencies or other external companies.

Pawn your tablet right now to get out of your financial needs. You have time up to 3 months to redeem your tablet or other assets that you have used for pawning. Finally, please consider that you can also prolong your loan term up to a whole year without balloon interest fees or any other additional fees.

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