Today’s 585 14K Gold Price per Gram & Ounce

In the US, 14k gold, also known as 585 gold, is one of the most commonly used gold alloys, alongside 10k gold. It is used for a variety of purposes, including fine jewelry and everyday wear, such as class rings. The current 14k gold price is $43.44 per gram or $1351.02 per ounce. If you plan to sell your 14k gold, today’s buyback gold price is currently $39.49 per gram and $1228.20 per ounce.

For consumers, having a basic understanding of pricing can simplify their decision-making process. The current price of 14k gold (585) is determined by the market value of gold. This type of gold is also referred to as 585 gold, and the reason for this is significant: 585 out of 1000 parts (58.3% or 58.5%) are composed of pure gold. The greater the proportion of pure gold in jewelry, the more valuable it becomes.

14k 585 Gold Price Table per Gram & Ounce

Aside from pennyweights, the terms grams (gm) and ounces (oz) are the most familiar to Americans as they are commonly used units of mass in everyday life. Therefore, being aware of the current 14k gold price in grams or ounces is the most effective way to determine the value of your jewelry.

Today’s Value
585 14K Gold Price per Gram$39.49
585 14K Gold Price per Ounce$1228.20

Calculate Today’s 14k Gold Price is a leading online buyer specializing in jewelry and other valuable assets. It is our responsibility to educate our customers and help them gain a better understanding of the value of their items. In the United States, 14k gold is the second most commonly used gold alloy, following 10k gold. It is a popular choice for jewelry in households, ranging from heirloom pieces like great grandma‘s 1920s wedding band to more recent items, like your father‘s class ring from the 70s or even your own wedding ring. 14k gold is not limited to everyday wear, as it has also been utilized in crafting luxurious and expensive fine jewelry adorned with diamonds and other stunning gemstones. Understanding how much 14k gold is worth is crucial for many consumers, as they may find themselves needing to sell gold jewelry at some point. However, financial need is not the only reason people sell gold. For example, heirs may be required to sell as part of the estate process. Others may choose to take advantage of the high gold price and plan to sell. Whatever the reason, it is important to stay informed about the current price of 14k gold in order to have a successful and satisfying selling experience.

Understand the Value

14k gold is just one type of gold alloy among many. There are a variety of reasons why your jewelry may have been made from 14k gold. One possible reason could be for the desired color, while another reason could be the cost of production. The important thing to understand is that 14k gold, often marked with the numbers 585 or 583*, contains 58.5% or 58.3% pure gold. This percentage or amount of pure gold is what gives your jewelry its value.

Understanding Price Math

Assuming you wish to determine the price of a 10-gram wedding band made of 14k gold, keep in mind that 58.3% of 14k gold is pure gold.

58.3% of 10 grams = 5.83 grams of pure gold

In a gold ring weighing 10 grams, 5.83 grams are pure gold. The remaining 4.17 grams are usually copper and silver.

*583 Gold Marking

As previously mentioned, some items may have a “583” mark, but they are still made of 14k gold. This mark is commonly found in jewelry from countries such as Russia, Poland, Latvia, Belarus, and Estonia.

583 marked jewelry was often made in Russia or Estonia

Calculate 14k Gold Price – Step by Step

Be your own appraiser and calculate the current price for your 14k gold items from the comfort of your home. You do not need to have specialized skills or knowledge in appraising jewelry to get a general estimate of their worth. Simply follow a few straightforward steps – it is simpler than you may imagine.

Spot The Marking

The first step in conducting a “home appraisal” is identifying the marking on your item. Typically, gold items are marked with either the numbers 14k or 585. While these markings are usually easy to spot, they may have become faded or hidden over time. Using a loupe may be necessary to locate the marking. Our pictured “14K GOLD” marking is from a watch case and serves as a good reference, but don’t count on finding such a distinct and legible marking on your own gold piece.

Watch case inside marked OMEGA 14k indicating the gold purity

Weigh Your Gold

Using a reliable scale, measure the weight of your gold after correctly identifying the gold marking.

Solid gold watch bracelet in 14k

Price Your Gold

Please use our gold calculator to complete your home appraisal. Kindly note that the gold price fluctuates continuously (approximately every minute during trading hours). The displayed price example may have already altered by the time you are reading this.

14K Gold Jewelry – Some Price Examples

The current price of your item marked as 585 or 14k gold is determined by its weight. The standard units used to measure weight are grams and ounces, with the latter being the preferred unit in the industry. We have provided some price examples for items made of 14k gold. Whether the gold is 14k yellow or white, there is no difference in price.

14K Gold Class Ring

Class rings, college rings, and university rings are often quite weighty, typically featuring a mark of 14k rather than 585. It is important to be aware of the weight of your class ring before selling it. We have purchased class rings weighing over 30 grams in the past. Using the current price of gold for 14k, a class ring weighing 30 grams would be valued at $1184.76 today.

This 18 grams heavy 14k class ring is worth $710.86 today.

14K Gold Necklace

Americans have a strong affinity for necklaces, with a particular fondness for those crafted from 14k gold. Necklaces originating from Italy or Turkey commonly bear a 585 marking as well. Some of the most sought after designs include Figaro, Herringbone, and rope chain necklaces. The worth of these necklaces is determined by their weight and the current market price of gold.

This 56 grams heavy 14k necklace is worth $2211.56 today.

14K Gold Wedding Band

The majority of US consumers possess at least one wedding band. Many of these bands are crafted from 14k gold, although a portion of them are comprised of 10k or 18k gold. The tradition of wedding bands extends far back in history, and numerous Americans possess bands that were created during or prior to the Civil War era. The worth of your wedding band is determined by its weight.

Those 3 wedding bands have a combined weight of 36 grams and are worth $1421.71 today.

14K Gold Bracelet

You may be surprised to find that your bracelet holds a greater value than you initially thought. As you may recall, the value of 14k gold jewelry is determined by its weight. Therefore, if your bracelet is made from solid and weighty 14k gold, it could potentially fetch a significant amount of money. It is always important to weigh your bracelet in order to accurately price it, especially before putting it up for sale.

This set of 6 bracelets weighs  114 grams and is worth $4502.10 today.

14K Gold Tooth

Your gold tooth is valuable, maybe enough for a fancy dinner for two. Older gold teeth are often made of high-quality gold, so don’t just toss away your dental crown. You can even use a basic scale to determine its worth. This small amount of dental gold could be worth a small fortune.

This dental gold lot is worth $1596.56 today.

14K Gold Watch

There are two categories of gold watches: valuable, weighty gold watches that are worth a significant amount of money, and smaller watches that are worth less. The cases of smaller women‘s watches are typically constructed from 14k solid gold, while the bands are made from steel or less expensive gold-filled materials.

This 35 grams heavy 14k watch is worth $1382.22 today.

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