Let’s talk about your ring’s value: how much is a 750 gold ring worth?

750 marked gold rings are highly valuable as they contain 75.0% pure gold what is one of the highest graded gold alloys in use. 750 marked gold rings were produced overseas in countries like Switzerland, Belgium or the Netherlands. European jewelry is known for its quality what means that you can usually relay on the marking an expect to find 75% pure gold. Even just one single gram of 750 gold is worth $52.74, today. Take that chance and sell your 750 gold with reDollar.com as we pay 90% of your gold’s current market value.

Watch out for this marking!

jewelry marked 750 for gold

Understand the Value

It’s really important to understand the value of your gold as selling without knowledge can easily get a big mistake if you sell to the wrong buyer. It’s well known that most pawn shops, jewelers and other buying operations pay just little money for gold even if they claim and advertise to pay the highest prices. A simple question can proof a buyer’s reliability. Just call some buyers and ask

“How much money to you pay per gram of 750 gold/ 18k gold?”

It’s a probably bad sign if a buyer is refusing to answer this question and insisting on a personal examination. It can be a good sign if a buyer is willing to answer this question making a comparison with the competition possible.

Always remember, one gram of 750 gold is worth $52.74! Do NOT sell for less! And get your rings and other items weight up before you sell. After knowing the weight of your gold, use our gold calculator for a first evaluation.

How much is a 750 gold ring worth?

Most gold rings trade for what the gold content is currently worth. Diamond and gemstone jewelry and also branded jewelry will sell for more than the gold value but 95% of gold rings in circulation are worth the money present in gold. A 750 gold ring, as initially explained, equals 18k gold an is worth $52.74 per gram. Please consider that some 750 gold rings are really heavy worth a decent amount of money while some are lightweight and probably worth less than 100 dollars. The weight matters most while we recommend getting your gold ring weighed for understanding how much money is hiding in your jewelry.

We are picturing some common gold rings made of 750 gold for getting you educated even without owning a scale.

750 Gold Ring

“College Ring”

18.55 gm | $978.38

750 college gold ring with synthetic sapphire

750 Gold Ring

“Diamond Ring”

11.39 gm | $600.74

750 gold ring with diamonds

750 Gold Ring

“Italian Ring”

7.68 gm | $405.06

750 gold ring made in Italy

750 Gold Ring

“Statement Ring”

5.06 gm | $266.88

statement gold ring with Indian motive

Did you know?

Did you know that reDollar.com will do a free gold ring evaluation with no obligation to sell?

750 Gold Ring

“Wedding Band”

12.67 gm | $668.25

750, European made white gold wedding band

750 Gold Ring

“Ring Setting”

8.09 gm | $426.69

ring setting made of 750 white gold for solitaire

750 Gold Ring

“Antique/ Vintage”

4.26 gm | $224.68

antique ring made of 750 yellow gold

750 Gold Ring

“Amethyst Ring”

3.55 gm | $187.24

yellow gold ring with Amethyst

You don’t have a scale to weigh your gold ring?

One common problem is that most people don’t own a scale for weighing their jewelry. Let us come up with some ideas to get your ring weighed.

Every post office can weigh it for free
Some pharmacies can weigh it for free
Digital scales can be bought for 5 dollars

gold rings on dollar bills

Get ready for selling your gold rings

Remember that 750 gold rings are worth $52.74 per gram and we pay you 90% of the current gold spot price. That’s unbeatable. Get ready and sell today.

Selling come with no obligation
Shipping is free and 100% insured
We pay you instantly

gold rings about to be packed and shipped

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