Looking for a price check: how much is your gold bangle worth?

How much is a gold bangle worth?

Short Answer: most gold bangles are priced by weight and purity. A 10k gold bangle is currently worth $29.60 per gram, a 14k gold bangle $41.62 per gram, a 18k gold bangle $53.36 per gram and a 22k gold bangle $65.17 per gram. While most gold bangles are lightweight, others may be really heavy. The heavier a gold bangle is the better is it for its value.

Gold Bangle Evaluation Criteria

  • Gold purity used to produce the bangle
  • The bangle’s gold weight
  • The designer or manufacturer
  • Present diamonds or gemstones

How much is a gold bangle worth?

The longer answer: it’s important to know that most gold bangles are evaluated and priced by weight and purity. A 14k gold bangle is worth more than a 10k gold bangle and an 18k gold bangle is worth more than a 14k gold bangle if the compared bangles have the same weight. The heavier a gold bangle is the higher is its value. Using a scale is to your advantage as you are able to calculate the bangle’s gold value by yourself. Knowing the value means understanding how much you should get paid for it. We believe getting paid less than 85% of the gold’s value is not fair. Most pawn shops offer something between 50% and 70% but compared with the 90% we pay, selling to those places is NO option for you. You just loose to much money. Your gold bangles deserve a better way of selling.

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How To Calculate a Gold Bangle’s Value

As we initially explained, knowing how much your bangle is worth is very important before you sell. Do not trust your neighborhood buyer and also don’t trust your “family jeweler” without doing the math at home. We have heard too bad stories and people lost hundreds and even thousands of dollars for selling with the wrong partner. Do the calculation before you sell a gold bangle.

3 Easy Steps To Calculate The Value

  1. Find the marking on your bangle. Gold bangles are usually marked 10k, 14k, 18k, 19k or 22k. The marking indicates the gold’s quality and needed for doing a proper calculation.
  2. Weigh your gold bangle using a digital scale. Please consider that even “minor” weighing errors can result in a significant value-deviation. If you don’t have a scale, ask your local post office to weigh it for you. USPS folks are usually happy to help free of charge.
  3. If you know the bangle’s gold quality and its weight, use the gold calculator for checking the value. It’s just one click to find it out.

Checking on value for selling?

Never sell your gold bangle without comparing prices. reDollar.com offers the highest possible prices for gold bangles and other jewelry products.

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Do the math at home to find out how much it’s worth!

You only need a scale and a gold calculator to find out how much your gold bangle is worth. Prefer a digital scale as they are usually pretty accurate. Precision matters as a single gram of 14k gold is worth $41.62.

Find your bangle’s marking

using a magnifying glass for finding the gold marking on jewelry

Calculate your bangle’s value

calculate gold bangle value with calculator

Bangles Can Contain Steel Components – Value Impacting!

Some gold bangles are equipped with a spring to make opening and closing easy. This spring is almost always made of steel and not made of gold as steel has better physical characteristics and better hardness to withstand opening and closing thousands of times over its live cycle. You can either see the steel wire or detect it with a magnet. Some of those bangles contain 2 or 3 grams of steel while others contain 5, 6 or even 7 grams. The steel can significantly reduce your gold bangle’s value as no payment can be made for non-precious parts. It is annoying for the seller but important to understand the problematic.

If you sell gold bangles with reDollar and if steel parts are getting detected, we are taking the bangle apart to separate the gold from the steel. We are also happy to give you back the non-precious parts for doing a double-check. We never take a bangle apart without asking for permission prior to this step.

Check For Steel Components With Magnet

You can use a simple magnet to check for steel components in your gold bangle. But don’t panic if you receive a reaction to the magnet. Most gold bangles contain only little amount of non-precious metals.

testing gold bangles with a magnet

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