Our Lab Report & Your Offer

reDollar’s company slogan is “Like a Bank,” meaning that we take our operation as seriously as banks take money handling. We are extremely professional and transparent in our work, which is why we’re pleased to share all acquired information with you in a detailed laboratory report. Get to know our report and how we present your offer so you can become familiar with the selling process.

Lab Report | The Breakdown

Everything has a value, and every item deserves to have its value explained. This is actually very easy to do, although most of our competition would disagree. We believe in complete transparency when it comes to working out your offer. The value of many items can be pre-calculated using our gold calculator or the diamond price list. Other items like branded jewelry, special watches, and gemstones need to be examined by one of our experts. Every single item or position will be listed in your laboratory report with a description and explanation of its value. It’s then up to you to accept or decline our offer. Our purchase prices are TOP rated among our customers and to date, 98.7% of all our offers have been accepted. Our razor-thin profit margin makes your decision very easy.

Here’s what a sample lab report looks like:

No.DescriptionAnalysis DetailsWeightPurchase Offer
1Three 50 pesos gold coins.900 gold125.001g$8205.21
2Gold bangle18K gold23.01g$1192.42
3Class ring, Jostens10K gold16.01g$460.19
4Two wedding bands14K gold14.29g$575.64
5aDiamond ring18k gold7.23g$378.84
5bPremium for diamond0.75ct G/VS2n.a.$862
6Eight sterling silver spoons.925 silver512g$403.98
7Dental crown62.85% gold5.23g$227.12

Receiving Your Laboratory Report

Our laboratory will send your report via email – on the same day we receive your item(s). Simply open the pdf file.

Lab Report | Testing Methods

We want you to know what we do when we evaluate your items. Selling to reDollar.com means selling to a highly qualified company that performs multiple tests to check your items. It’s NOT like going to a pawn shop, where buyers who are often less skilled and knowledgeable simply come up with some value they “feel” is right. Our laboratory is equipped with high-tech equipment that enables our work to be extremely precise.

Here’s what we do to test your items:

Testing MethodPerformed
XRF TEST | The X-ray fluorescence test is a non-destructive analytical process used to determine the elemental composition of your items. An XRF machine determines your item’s chemistry by measuring the fluorescent X-ray emitted from your item when it is excited by a primary X-ray source.X
ACID TEST | An acid test is often used in combination with an XRF test and is only performed on scrap metals. The use of concentrated nitric acid dates back to the 13th century when Albertus Magnus used acid to separate gold and silver. A single drop of acid placed on your item can reveal if the piece is made of solid gold.X
DENSITY DETERMINATION: We may acquire the specific weight of your items by performing a density test. This test is used to check coins or even jewelry without causing any damage. The old tale of Archimedes and Hiero II of Syracuse (about 210 BC) describes how Archimedes tested the authenticity of the king’s crown. He used the density determination to check the crown without damaging it. The buoyant force on a submerged object is equal to the weight of the fluid displaced. This principle is useful for determining the volume and therefore the density of an object by measuring its mass in air and its effective mass when submerged in water. The effective mass (under water) is the item’s actual mass minus the mass of the fluid displaced. The difference between the real and effective mass therefore gives the mass of water displaced and allows you to calculate the volume of an irregularly shaped object (like the king’s crown in the Archimedes story). The mass divided by the volume thus determined gives a measure of the average density of the object. Archimedes found that the density of the king’s supposedly gold crown was actually much lower than the density of gold—implying that it was either hollow or filled with a less dense substance.X
MELTING: We may ask you for permission to melt dental gold or bigger scrap gold lots.
FIRE ASSAY: We may perform a fire assay on melted materials if we believe that palladium and/or platinum is present. Usually done when we melt dental metals.
DIAMAGNETISM TEST: We use this test to check coins and ingots without causing any damage.X
MICROSCOPIC EXAMINATION: We examine gemstones and diamonds with a microscope.X
POLARISCOPE EXAMINATION: We use the polariscope for gemstones.
LITERATURE COMPARISON: Our company owns a small library with approx.1000 books about jewelry, watches, coins, and silverware. We use them to collect information about old, very rare, or special items. We can also get an idea about an item’s authenticity by comparing it to images in the books showing the same or similar items.

Lab Report | What We Cannot Buy

If we cannot buy an item, we’ll include in your lab report a photo clearly displaying the item. We’ll also be happy to ship the item back to you free of charge.

The items pictured below may look valuable, but in fact, they do not reflect any monetary or collector’s value. reDollar.com stands for full transparency, and we want our customers to have confidence in the whole selling process. That includes our laboratory reports and purchase offers.

We provide jewelry photos for your records

Lab Report | Important Information

We’ll include any important information about your items in the laboratory report, including relevant info about fakes, misleading markings, or damages. For instance, the photo below displays a marking of “14KT G.F.” This marking, unfortunately, means 14K GOLD FILLED, representing almost no value in the item. Some consumers may get confused about that, but we try to educate you as much as possible so you can understand how we come to your offer.

Lab Report Specimen

Get to know how we present your purchase offer.

Gold Jewelry

This is a sample report about gold jewelry.

No.DescriptionAnalysis DetailsQuantityWeightPurchase Offer
1Wedding band14k gold18.76g$354.09
2Class ring10k gold125.90g$744.47
3Pendant18k gold113.77g$713.59

Fine Jewelry

This is a sample report about fine jewelry.

No.DescriptionAnalysis DetailsQuantityWeightPurchase Offer
1David Yurman BangleSTERLING SILVER/ 14K132.50g$400.00
2Cartier Love Bracelet18K gold130.77g$4,000.00


This is a sample report about diamonds.

No.DescriptionAnalysis DetailsQuantityPurchase Offer
1aEngagement ring18K gold, 11.61g1$0.00
1bMounted diamond1.07ct F/VS11$2,400.00
2Loose diamond0.75ct G/VS21$850.00


This is a sample report about gold and silver coins.

No.DescriptionAnalysis DetailsWeightQuantityPurchase Offer
1Silver Eagle coinsFine silver20oz20$590.49
2Gold EaglePure gold1oz1$2266.00
3Silver quarters1964, .900 silver45.21oz225$1079.59


This is a sample report about various silver items.

No.DescriptionAnalysis DetailsQuantityWeightPurchase Offer
1Wallace silver set.925 silver2440.12oz$984.50
2Serving tray.925 silver151.48oz$1263.41


This is a sample report about different watches.

No.DescriptionAnalysis DetailsQuantityWeightPurchase Offer
1Waltham pocket watch14k gold, 21J185.23$850.00
2Rolex Datejust President18k gold1n.a.$6,000.00
3Waltham movement21J, for parts1n.a.$75.00

Dental Metals

This is a sample report for dental metals.

No.DescriptionAnalysis DetailsQuantityWeightPurchase Offer
1Gold crown65.80% gold18.11g$368.72
2Gold bridge58.21% gold116.79g$675.19
3Gold crown45.50% palladium16.23g$80.30

Melted Material

This is a sample report for melted materials.

No.DescriptionAnalysis DetailsIncoming WeightNet WeightPurchase Offer
1Scrap gold Lot59.11% gold171.23g168.77g$6891.85
2Scrap silver lot91.7% silver87.11oz84.48oz$2055.20
3Gold nuggets93.7% gold87.83g87.46g$5662.42

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