Looking for an evaluation: how much is your Wallace silverware worth?

How much is Wallace silverware worth?

Wallace silver is around for more than 200 years and very well known in the US. Founded in 1815, the “Wallace Silversmiths” soon became an important manufacturer for silverware. To understand the value of Wallace silverware you first have to learn that there is a big difference between Wallace silverware made within the last 50, 60, 70 or 80 years and very old Wallace silver made in the 19th century.

Wallace silverware made during the last 80 years is usually not extremely valuable and priced by the current silver value. Basically, Wallace silver goes per weight and the more pieces you own the more valuable is your collection. We listed Wallace-Value-Price-Examples further down.

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Wallace Silver Collections

Important to know is that a complete collection of Wallace silver is worth more than just a single piece or some pieces. So please understand that pricing varies depending on your collections completeness.

Wallace sterling silver tea set

Wallace Sterling Silver Spoons

Wallace silver spoons on 100 dollar bills

How much is Wallace silverware worth?

Wallace silver has a turbulent but also innovative history. And its Prospect, CT born founder, Robert Wallace, was even more innovative. He bought the formula and rights to produce the first American made so-called “German Silver” what was a nickel-alloy and just perfect for silverware thanks to its strength and outstanding quality. Those items are obviously not very valuable these days because soon after inventing this new alloy, Wallace went to mass production.

In contrast to those mass products, solid silver-silverware was more rare and is still reflecting a nice value. Wallace did also lots of contract work for other companies and brands like Sir Christopher or Juneau Alaska. Later in the 1870s, the company got re-branded into Wallace Brothers specializing in producing silver-plated items based on stainless steel. It was also later in the 1870s that Wallace Brothers established the first sterling-silver product-line consisting of three different patterns. Wallace sterling silver from the earliest years can be very valuable and is sought after collectors.

reDollar.com is able to identify very old Wallace silver and of course we pay much more than just the silver-value for those pieces. We use very old auction catalogs from the 19th century for literature comparison and research helping us a lot to identify authentic Wallace silver pieces from the 1870s and 1890s.

Wallace Silver Forks

A set of 8 Wallace sterling silver forks.

8 Wallace sterling silver dinner forks

Sell for $363.24

Wallace Silver Spoons

Set of 8 Wallace sterling silver spoons.

8 Wallace sterling silver soup spoons

Sell for $264.17

Most Wallace sterling silver trades for the current silver value or a bit more. Both, online auctions and local auctions, can cost you between 15% and 35% of selling fees making it usually unattractive to auction Wallace sterling silver.

Wallace Silver Knives

Set of 8 Wallace sterling silver knives.

8 Wallace sterling silver dinner knives

Sell for $132.09

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