Sell your gold in Aurora, CO, to local gold buyers

Aurora is a home rule municipality, in neighborhood to Denver and Lakewood. It’s an important location and a part of Denver, with a population of over 300,000 residents and the well-known Air Force Base. You were looking for gold buyers in Aurora, therefore you found this page. You plan to sell gold or maybe silver in form of jewelry, coins or ingots and you expect an awesome price for your pieces? Watch out, before you sell to the next gold buyer in Aurora. Don’t make a fast deal. Figure out what you have and compare carefully. Don’t trust the ads, promising things like:

  • We pay the most cash
  • Qualify for a $100 bonus, if you sell with us
  • No gold buyer pays more
  • Get the most cash for your gold

Too good to be true? Right? Well, it wouldn’t be fair to throw all gold buyers into one pot but it’s a fact that most of the US gold buyers are offering less money for your valuable gold. Don’t give it away too quickly. Figure out how much you can really get. A $100 bonus can turn out as a very bad deal for you. Always check the gold price per pennyweight or each gram to compare the cash for gold spots. Ask for the quote before you show what you own. Most local gold buyers are not willing to tell you how much they pay. They tell you a total and it’s up to you to say YES or NO. But how to decide if you don’t know what it’s worth? Right, it’s tough to decide. You nearly can’t because it’s a high risk. You could get ripped-off. Some hundreds of dollars more in your pocket are fine, right? YES, it is. Therefore we recommend you to shop around and ask for prices. You can also try to call the local gold buyers but you will find out quickly that most of the gold buyers don’t tell quotes on the phone. You have to drive around or you can sell gold online by using a gold calculator. Such a gold calculator tells you how much money you can expect. Ask the gold buyers in Aurora for a quote and proceed with your comparison online.

Cash for gold in Aurora – where are the spots where you can sell your gold?

You can go the Jewelry Center, located at 15473 East Hampden Avenue or to People’s Pawn & Jewelry, located at 11430 East Colfax Avenue or you can also go to Fast Cash Pawn, located at 4611 Peoria Street. Or another option is also the Gold Rush Cash for Gold store, located at 16833 East Iliff Avenue. That’s the gold buyers. If you prefer dealing with a jeweler, go to Biondi Diamond Jewelers, located at 15755 East Briarwood Circle or also to Libaas Jewelers, located at 3140 South Parker Road. Always keep in mind that these guys are looking for a good deal. Don’t sell too fast.

Further places to sell gold in Aurora, CO

Because of the risen gold prices, countless gold buyer locations popped up all over the US. Everyone wanted to participate of making money with the new trend of selling gold or jewelry. And not only the gold buyer locations, offered cash for gold. Jewelers, pawn shops, antique stores and even companies from outside like insurance brokers or real estate agencies offered cash for gold. We also know about gold buyer parties in Aurora, organized by enterprising women from the neighborhood. Times have changed and there are nearly no gold parties in Aurora, anymore. Also most of the brokers stopped buying gold in Aurora. It’s like a decade before, gold buyers, jewelers and pawn brokers are offering cash for gold, besides the online gold buyers.

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