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Do you live in Denver and have some gold you’d like to sell? You should learn a bit more before you get started, and definitely before you decide to sell your gold to one of the countless gold buyers in Denver. You will find well-known gold buyers on East Colfax Avenue or Colorado Boulevard, and you’ll find more buyers from downtown Denver up to the northern areas of the city offering buying services for gold and silver. But what do you think? Are most of the gold buyers in Denver honest and good places to sell your items? If you think they are, you’re right, for the most part—but their quotes are not the best.

It’s well known that gold buyers try to make a good profit. Generally, it’s not dishonorable to make a profit, but it depends on the margin. It’s okay if a gold buyer in Denver offers $100 for a gold ring worth $120. He makes $20, which is not bad for him and even fair for you. It’s a good deal for both parties. But would you think it’s fair to offer $50 for a gold ring worth $120? Probably not, and you’d be right—because that’s not a proper price. So before you sell gold in Denver or anywhere else, start comparing buyers. On our website, we offer a gold-buyer comparison, where we list the most well-known places to get cash for gold. If you’ve offered to sell your gold to one of the listed gold buyers in Denver, please share your experience.

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Cash for Gold in Denver – Where Can You Go?

Where you go to sell your gold will depend on where you live. If you live close to downtown, you’ll look for gold buyers in downtown Denver, right? Or you’ll look for gold buyers in Lakewood, if you live in that neighborhood. Famous places to sell gold in Denver are located at 5819 South Broadway, 6909 East Hampden Avenue, 3201 South Santa Fe Drive, 1664 South Broadway, 955 Lincoln St, 6414 Ward Road, 8700 Wadsworth Boulevard, and 251 East Flatiron Circle. Our mission is to figure out which Denver gold buyer is offering the most competitive price for your jewelry.

List of Denver gold buyers we would like to compare with your help:

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Sell Gold to Denver Gold Buyers After Finding Out What You Own

Figure out what you own and how much it’s worth before you visit a gold buyer in Denver. Most gold buyers try to determine how much you know before they give you a quote. You may get a better price if you know your gold’s value, and it’s usually very simple to figure out what you have. It can be more difficult if you own a very special diamond ring or a unique emerald bracelet, but the majority of the common gold in the US can be determined in advance by using our transparent gold calculator. Just check the markings on your gold and weigh your items with your scale.

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