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Officials warn regularly about obscure gold buying operations designated to get your gold and jewelry for a bargain. Gold buyers know that most Americans are laymen when it comes to sell gold, watches, gems or other very valuable assets. Therefore you should be very careful when you pick a gold buyer in South Dakota. The best way to sell precious metals or merchandise of high value, is to prepare yourself for the selling process. If you know more about the value of your items you are able to get a high price because you don’t agree to the first purchase offer you receive. Always scrutinize the offered amount, even when you think that an offer may be great. Many people tend to underestimate their possessions’ value and thus they are endangered to become a gold buying fraud victim.

You can find hundreds of gold buyers in South Dakota but only a fraction of them are really trustworthy and willing to pay high prices for gold. Beside gold buyers and pawn shops also jewelers or second hand dealers buy gold, silver, platinum and palladium. But consider that only the minority of those buyers is qualified to deal with any kinds of goods. Almost everyone without criminal records can become a gold buyer in South Dakota. But due to a lack of experience and education many gold buyers make assay mistakes or bad buys. They are aware of that and calculate a deduction to minimize their risks. You should find an educated gold buyer with experience and a network of experts to get a great price. In every case, compare gold buyers from South Dakota with online gold buyers to get an idea if a local purchase offer is proper. Moreover you are able to suss out how much your gold is worth when you have access to a digital scale. Use a gold calculator to calculate our recommended selling price.

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  • South Dakota is home to the first pawn museum in the US. Chris Johnson, pawnbroker and Black Hills businessman is the proudly inventor of a 10,000 square feet pawn museum displaying interesting stuff like a glove originally owned from Michael Jackson, a gyroscope from a WW2 V-2 rocket, a 1940s Harley-Davidson, old photos, newspaper and so on. It’s really worth a visit.
  • Burglary in Sioux Falls: Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Department is investigating a burglary where cash, jewelry, coins, guns and rifles were stolen. Everybody in South Dakota should take care of its possession, so our recommendation. Be careful, even when you set out to look for a gold buyer. A stranger could observe and follow you to your home.

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