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Gold buyers don’t have a good image. That’s best known but you can find reliable guys working in this industry too. And you have to if you plan to sell gold in Austin because you are expecting a high purchase price for your gold, right? And here starts your challenge. Finding a reliable gold buyer in Austin means personal efforts like comparing prices and spending a lot of time to find honest cash for gold place. This search can turn from a search to a hunt because one place maybe offers you $500 and another place maybe $1,000. And such huge differences can bring a lot of confusion to individuals. Who offers a really good price? Why offers gold buyer 1 $500, gold buyer 2 $800 and gold buyer 3 maybe $1,000. What if my jewelry is worth a lot more? You might get afraid to sell your gold for little money. And we can fully understand your concern. The NY Department of Consumer Affairs ascertained that three out of four gold buyers are in violation of local laws. Isn’t that an alarming sign? Don’t get us wrong but we don’t want to bring you in large fear. You can get a very good price, if you just offer your gold, silver or jewelry by following some rules. We know the well kept secrets of the gold buying industry and we are willing to give you some helpful hints.

Information is power! Astonish your gold buyer by knowing basics

If you can spend some time, unlock your gold’s value by yourself. It’s a simple process. Gold is divided in qualities. In the US, 10K, 14K, 18K, 21.6K, 22K and 24K gold is common. Furthermore most gold and silver items are marked with a hallmark to identify the quality. Use a magnifier or better a 10x loupe to spot these markings. Knowing the markings and the purity is your first advantage over gold buyers in Austin. But you can find out more if you know the markings. Do you have a letter scale or a digital kitchen scale at home? You are a king, if so because weighing your items means knowing the current cash value. Isn’t that awesome? You can calculate your gold’s cash value just by knowing the markings and the weight using a gold calculator tool. Knowing the current value will astonish the gold buyers in Austin. And knowing the value prevents you from getting paid too little money. But please mind that this evaluation process only works for old jewelry, silverware, scrap gold, coins, ingots or bullions. You can’t calculate the value that way if you own diamond jewelry or gemstone jewelry. Never sell gold in Austin to the next gold buyer without knowing the value OR without running a comparison.

Don’t call a price if a gold buyer asks you

How much do you want to get out of it? Questions like that are almost always asked if you consult a gold buyer in Austin or elsewhere in the US. They want to figure out what you know. Guess what happens, if you call $500 for your gold and the gold buyer knows that your gold is worth $1,000? Do you think that he will raise the amount freely? Some gold buyers maybe yes but not the majority, sad but true. Our understanding of selling gold is getting paid the stock price minus a dealer margin in the range of 10% or 15% max. Gold buyers offer payout amounts in that range when they are trustworthy and reliable. Honesty and reliability is the basis of a satisfying selling experience. Think about your jar full of pennies. What would you expect, if you would bring this jar to your bank? Right, you would expect that they count them faithful and just charge you a small fee to turn into bills. And gold is comparable to pennies because gold has a stock value, independent from the amount or the appearance. In conclusion, you can expect a very good price for your gold. It’s your right!

Where to sell gold in Austin? How to compare the selling options?

You can also sell gold in Austin without discovering the value by yourself. But take time! Compare at least 10 cash for gold places in your neighborhood. And REMEMBER, never call a price. And remain steadfast. And consider other selling options like online gold buyers. Some online gold buyers like offer extremely high prices. Frequently, even a lot more! You can offer your gold without any obligations. Just ask for a quote or meet an appraiser to find out more. Summed up, don’t sell your gold too hasty and don’t sell it without an comparison. And as we said, don’t compare only local cash for gold places. Also contact dotcom companies like to get a quick comparison.

Who buys gold in Austin?

Jewelers, gold buyers, pawn brokers, second hand dealers, coin dealers, watch buyers and other asset resellers buy gold. The majority also buys silver, platinum or palladium. Things like jewelry, scrap gold, coins, ingots, bullions, engagement rings, wedding bands, necklaces, dental gold, flatware, silverware, watches, diamonds and other stuff can be sold easily. But remember, remember and remember once again: compare the prices.

We collected some gold buyer addresses in Austin for you: Sell Us Gold, located at 4360 South Congress Avenue or Michele’s- Estate, Jewelry & Silver, located at 2808 Bee Caves Rd. or even EZ Gold Buyers, located at 901 East Cesar Chavez Street or also, located at 8617 Burnet Road or South Austin Coin Exchange, located at 3100 West Slaughter Lane.

You can also sell gold to jewelers or pawn shops. Some addresses of this industry in Austin: Cash America Pawn, located at 611 South Lamar Boulevard buys gold and jewelry or also Top Cash Pawn, located at 4715 South Congress Avenue is a selling option or furthermore also Action Pawn, located at 1700 West Ben White Boulevard or Lamar Pawn, located at 8905 North Lamar Boulevard. Jewelers like Kruger’s Diamond Jewelers, located at 722 Congress Avenue or Regale Jewelry, located at 611 South Congress Avenue maybe also buy gold.

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