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People love to talk about cars, estates, fashion, diamonds, watches and gold. Today we speak about selling gold, jewelry and diamonds. You think selling is not a big deal? You are wrong because selling gold in Dallas can become a torture if you expect getting paid a high price. You ask yourself why? It’s because of missing honesty and reliability of many gold buyers. Well, missing honesty doesn’t apply to all gold buyers in Dallas but maybe to a relevant amount of them. We know sellers getting paid only between 20% and 40% of the real value. Calculate what that means to gold worth $3,000! You could get paid only between $1,000 and $1,500 and that’s by far too less. Choose your gold buyer carefully and understand more about the value before selling. It can really help to get paid a better price. What we can do for you is providing some selling tips summarized in a guideline. If you consider our tips, your selling plan can end in a satisfying experience.

Maintain a low profile, don’t call a price and compare the gold buyers in Dallas

Never call a price: Would you expect getting asked how much you want to get paid for your gold or jewelry at almost all gold buyer stores in Dallas? No? Well, it’s a fact that dealers try to figure out more about your knowledge. Never ever call a price and never ever talk about your items. Our appraiser Alan remembers a client asking how much is my gold coin worth, telling us to own 2 gold coins and a silver coin. Guess what happened? It turned out that he doesn’t own a silver coin, worth maybe 30 bucks. He owned a coin made of platinum worth $1,500. And now think about what can happen if you give such a wrong information to an unreliable gold buyer. Do you think he says, hey customer it’s not worth $30. You get paid $1,500. Do you really think so? You could lose over $1,000 just by telling wrong information about the items you like to sell. Stand your ground, even when the gold buyer asks you again and again. It’s really better for you. Only speak about facts if you know them for sure. Maybe read from a certification.

Never sell gold to the next best gold buyer in Dallas: Compare, compare and compare. A carefully done comparison is the best way to avoid scam. You are able to assess your gold or your jewelry if you ask a significant amount of gold buyers. They will tell you different information and of course very different purchase prices. You can ask them to tell you more. Ask for the purity or the weight. A reliable gold buyer will tell you what it is. A very good sign is if they offer you to write down what you have. You speak with one of the reliable guys in such a case, we guess. A gold buyer who has nothing to hide is the selling partner you are looking for.

Never accept to get pushed: It can happen that gold buyers in Dallas try to push you. Sometimes they offer you a onetime bonus if you sell right now. Maybe they offered you $800 or $1,000 only when you sell your gold right now. Watch out! That’s an alarming sign. A gold buyer who offers a high price can’t afford buying a bonus. A gold buyer can only afford paying a bonus if he calculated the bonus in a deduction before.

Investigate your selling options: You can sell to a cash for gold spot in Dallas like a gold buyer, a pawn shop or a jeweler. Another selling option became more popular the last years. It’s selling gold online. A major benefit is getting paid sometimes more than local, coming with a hassle free procedure just by mailing your gold or your jewelry. The drawbacks are no cash in hand on the same day and no advice in person. But who needs a friendly conversation with a local gold buyer if he is not willing to pay you a proper amount? Nobody! Only the cash you get paid is decision-making.

Where can you sell gold in Dallas

You can sell to gold buyers in Dallas: Gold buyers buy nearly everything made of gold, silver, platinum or palladium. They buy, jewelry, scrap gold, dental gold, bullion, coins, ingots, silverware, rings, bracelets, pure gold and gold made of any alloys like 10K gold as well as 14K, 18K or 24K gold. You can visit buyers like: Valley Goldmine Dallas, located at 100 Highland Park Village or DFW Gold Buyers, located 12900 Preston Road or even Arcadia Precious Metals Gold Buyers, located at 2441 Arbuckle Court or maybe Dr. GOLD Jewelry & Diamonds, located at 4151 Belt Line Road or also CASH MAX GOLD BUYERS, located at 18918 Midway Road. Such gold buyers in Dallas can tell you within minutes what you own and how much it’s worth – if they are willing.

You can sell your gold with a pawn shop in Dallas: Pawn shops don’t only pawn guns, cars, electronics or jewelry. They also buy assets like your gold or your jewelry. Ask them for a quote. Maybe they beat your local gold buyers. Try your best asking Uncle Dan’s Pawn Shop – East Dallas, located at 5404 East Grand Avenue or Top Dollar Pawn – MLK, located at 1411 Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard or also EZPawn, located at 4727 South 2nd Avenue or also Maple Avenue Pawn Shop, located at 4700 Maple Avenue or even First Cash Pawn, located at 118 East Jefferson Boulevard.

You can also sell gold and jewelry to a jeweler in Dallas: Some jewelers have a really great experience. Some can identify diamonds within seconds, without using a testing machine just by looking. It doesn’t mean that they pay you proper but it’s a good chance to get paid more from an expert knowing what you offer. Ask jewelers like Calame Jewelers, located at 11 Highland Park Village or Jewelry By Floyd, located at 3300 Swiss Circle or also the guys at Batky Jewelers, located at Pavilion On Lovers Lane or Bock Jewelry Co., located at 6019 Berkshire Lane or Kazlow Fine Jewelers, located at 9400 N Central Expy or also Gordon’s Jewelers, located at the Town East Mall.

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