Where to sell gold in Houston to local gold buyers?

Houston is one of the most important cities in the US. Its population of 2.2 million people in the city and nearly 5 million people in the urban area makes Houston one of the biggest markets for gold and jewelry in the US. Every week thousands of people are looking for gold buyers. They plan to sell inherited gold or jewelry from a divorce. Some are also selling gold because of a demand for quick cash. For whatever reason YOU like to sell gold in H-Town, you should never sell your gold or your jewelry for too little money. We tell you how to avoid getting paid too less and furthermore we tell you how to identify unreliable gold buyers. Always keep in mind that gold and jewelry are very valuable goods. Just a single gold ring can be worth some hundreds of dollars or if the ring comes with a diamond maybe thousands of dollars. A wrong decision can be a loss of much money. Take time to read our guideline for selling gold in Houston.

Where can I sell gold in Houston?

Generally you can sell your gold in Houston to gold buyers, pawn shops, jewelers, in malls, to second hand traders or even watch buyers. The last years, a new and modern way to sell gold in Houston popped up too. It’s selling gold and jewelry online, to companies like reDollar.com. They promise to pay you more money than most of the local gold or jewelry buyers in Houston. Another way is also offering your assets using craigslist (houston.craigslist.org). Craigslist is very popular but also risky. We have compared all your possibilities for selling gold in Houston in detail. You will find the right spot, if you read our guideline carefully.

Our guideline to sell gold in Houston

Learn how much your gold is worth before you sell in Houston

A basic mistake of many people is that they don’t know what they own and especially the don’t know how much it is worth. They sell gold or jewelry to a spot without knowing the approximately value. Would you sell your vacation home, your boat or your car without knowing how much it’s worth? Right, never ever. Absolutely unthinkable. Therefore, you should also check the value of your gold before you finally sell it. And checking is easy: look for the gold markings, weight your gold and use a gold calculator for a first evaluation. Do that before you visit one of the gold buyers in Houston.

How much would you like to get paid?

We guess that at least 7 of 10 gold buyers in Houston will ask you how much you would like to get paid for your items. Are you really able to answer this question if you don’t know how much your valuables are worth? NO, you could lose a lot of money if you ask for $1,000 and your gold is worth $2,000. But that’s the reason why gold buyers ask you this question. They always hope that you ask for much less than it’s worth. As we have explained in the previous paragraph, learn how to determine the value by yourself.

But what can you do if you are very busy or you see yourself as untalented to calculate the value?

Never answer this question. Always say that you don’t know how much you can get paid. Wait for the gold buyer telling you an amount. Say thanks and visit at least 5 other cash for gold spots in Houston before you decide. And please compare the local offered prices with the prices from online gold buyers. It can happen that you get paid a lot more online than in Houston if you had no luck to meet one of the honest in reliable guys. We know that in Houston are also very reliable places where you can sell gold but we also know that it’s like to find a needle in the haystack to locate them.

Ask relatives and friends before you sell gold in Houston

We are very sure that maybe some of your friends are familiar with gold or jewelry if you are not. Ask them how to determine the value if our explanation didn’t help you out. Also ask them where they sold. Maybe you can get an awesome tip where to sell gold or jewelry in Houston. H-Town is full of gold buyers and a recommendation is very helpful. But always keep in mind that also your friends could got ripped off in the past. Therefore we recommend you to compare the gold buyer with at least one pawn shop and at least one jeweler. And don’t forget to ask an online gold buyer like reDollar.com for a quote. You can decide where to sell, if you have 10 different purchase offers to compare.

Cash for gold in Houston – some addresses

Gold buyers you can visit in Houston: Houston Gold Buyers, located at 1330 Westheimer Road or Houston Numismatic Exchange, Inc., located at 2486 Times Boulevard or maybe We Buy Gold, located 13482 Northwest Freeway or also Speedy Cash, located 6902 Harrisburg Blvd.

Pawn shops you can visit to sell gold in Houston: Mason’s Pawn Shop, located 5920 Scott Street or Gold-N-Dollar Pawn Shop, located at 11659 Gulf Freeway or also CM Pawn, located 8545 South Braeswood or maybe Bayou Pawn, 7640 Long Point Road or Action Pawn, located at 1616 Montrose Boulevard.

If you prefer a jeweler in Houston, visit: Zadok Jewelers, located 1749 Post Oak Boulevard or Meyerland Jewelers, 120 Meyerland Plaza Mall or also Houston Jewelry, located 9521 Westheimer Road or Regal Jewelers – Jewelry Store, located 2050 Cypress Creek Pkwy.

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