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Gold buyers in San Antonio should be there to serve their clients with best conditions to make a satisfying gold selling experience. They advertise with promising slogans to fish for clients. But what makes a gold buyer reliable? Is it his nice-looking website or his well phrased advertisings that should attract you, is it a fancy store? No, absolutely not! The only thing what makes a gold buyer reliable are the prices he pays for your gold, not more, not less. If the prices you get offered are really high, then we speak about a reliable and honest gold buyer. Our experience and research has shown, the more a gold buyer tries to attract potential consumers with auspicious quotes and special offers, the worse is the price he offers. Of course that doesn’t apply to all gold buyers in San Antonio who offer cash for gold, but it applies to the great majority. It’s not a significant sign of trust that a jeweler who offers cash for gold exists since 25 years. That’s not a guarantor for you to get paid proper. Also if gold buyers in San Antonio maintain to pay hundreds of people every day top prices does not mean that they do so in fact. Paper doesn’t blush. All this guys who daily rip off their clients can write whatever they want. Who proves the opposite? Nobody? No, we do. We have set our target to tell the truth. reDollar suffers from the bad image gold buyers have. And the gold buyers in San Antonio don’t act different than thousands of other black sheep in our branch. What the majority of gold buyers have in common is that they rip off unknowing customers on purpose. Yes we know, that’s the awful truth and maybe not what you’ve expected to read in this article. But that’s what it is. If you plan to sell gold in San Antonio, be aware and choose the buyer of your choice carefully. reDollar helps you to detect the dishonest guys in the gold buying branch that don’t have good intentions. Read our useful tips and benefit from our long lasting experience in the gold buying industry. It’s undoubted that you can make good deals with gold buyers in San Antonio but you need to know how.

Sell gold in San Antonio by making a price comparison

The first thing you should do when you want to get cash for gold, find out what you have and how much it is worth. If you have no knowledge about the value determination of gold, bullions, jewelry or even dental gold, consult an independent appraiser or expert who can help you to find out the market value of your assets. Once you know the market value, you are perfectly prepared to negotiate with potential gold buyers on eye level. Don’t be afraid to admit your unknowingness. Only experts and branch insiders who work with gold, jewels and bullions in their daily lives are used to the value determination of gold and precious metals. There are thousands of factors that need to be considered to assess the value of gold and jewelry. So it’s not surprising that for laymen this can become a real challenge. The average customer who wants to sell gold in San Antonio, sells scrap gold. Scrap gold is old gold which doesn’t find any use anymore. When we talk about scrap gold then we mean gold jewelry which can have flaws, damages or which is simply out of fashion and not sellable anymore. Fine luxury jewelry or very rare unique pieces are the rarity of what a gold buyer becomes presented when it comes to sell gold for cash. Scrap gold will be calculated by the weight. We differentiate between different gold alloys that indicate the purity of fine gold. The most common gold alloys in the US for jewelry are 18k gold and 14k gold. There is also 10k gold, 22k gold and 24k gold in circulation but associated with gold jewelry this compositions are the rarity. The respective gold content of a piece of jewelry and the weight of it build the basis to calculate a price. This applies mainly to scrap gold. Look for hallmarks on your jewelry. Use a magnifier to spot this hallmarks more easily. Put your jewel on a scale and find out the weight. Once you know the alloy and the weight, you can calculate the market value with a gold calculator. Let’s say you have an 18k gold ring you would like to sell it in San Antonio and of course you look for a reliable gold buyer who pays you a fair amount of money. You found out that your 18k gold ring has a weight of 10 grams. We know the current spot price for 1 ounce of (fine)gold is $1,205.9 (stand 5/22/2015). One ounce has 31.10 grams, so 10 grams of fine gold have a stock market value of $387.75. But your ring is not made of fine gold, your ring is made of 18k gold which contains 75% of fine gold. To calculate the value of 18K gold we simply divide 387.75 with hundred and multiply the result with 75. Then we know the current market value for your 18k gold ring which is $290.81. On basis of that calculation you can shop around to compare San Antonio’s gold buyers. Are their offers really as good as they promise? Find it out! A reliable gold buyer should not deduct a higher margin than 10-15% from the market price. In our hypothetical case this would be circa $260 for your gold ring. We know gold buyers in San Antonio who advertise a 24 hours quote by phone. Find out what the gold buyers in San Antonio pay for a 10 gram 18k gold ring, or ask for the daily quote per pennyweight or grams. If they have nothing to hide, they will tell you their quotes. If they try to lure you into their stores, be warned. Then you risk to get ripped off. reDollar offers a free appraisal service if the calculation of your gold seems to be too complicated for you. Try to gain as much knowledge as you can before you consult gold buyers in San Antonio to get cash for gold. Believe in us, this pays off.

Sell gold in San Antonio: choose carefully before you make a deal

The City of San Antonio is home to more than 1.4 million people and is the seventh most populated city in the United States. It’s therefore no secret that some hundreds of gold buyers in San Antonio offer their services to customers who want to sell gold. Pawn shops, jewelers, gold party organizers, second hand dealers and classic gold buyers offer cash for gold. Every morning they open their doors to potential customers and try to make a really good deal this day. But please dear consumers, be part of this good deal and don’t let the gold buyers only be the profiteers of your gold sale. Compare the prices carefully before you finally sell your gold, make a price comparison, or consult an independent appraiser to learn how much your gold is worth. We are no pessimists but the reality has shown us so many bad examples that also we who are the good guys in that business have lost confidence in the majority of our competitors. There are reliable gold buyers out there, for sure, but it’s the great art to find them. It’s like finding the needle in a haystack. But after reading this article you are alerted and now you know what to do and how to avoid a bad selling experience which can cost you hundreds or thousands of Dollars. No matter if you live in neighborhoods of San Antonio like Balcones Heights neighborhood, Blue Star neighborhood, Downtown neighborhood, Great Northwest neighborhood, King William neighborhood, La Villita neighborhood, Las Palmas neighborhood, Laurel Heights neighborhood, North of Downtown neighborhood, River Walk neighborhood, Market Square neighborhood, Lavaca neighborhood, Southtown neighborhood, Leon Valley neighborhood, or Uptown Central neighborhood. In each neighborhood there are several gold buyers who offer their services to you.

Gold buyers in San Antonio:

Try your luck at C.D. Clark & Co. Gold Buyers located at the Ingram Park Mall, 6301 NW Loop 410 or Gold Buyer San Antonio located at 7504 W Military Dr. Also Professional Gold and Silver Exchange located at 1152 Bandera Rd #3, Nacogdoches Gold & Silver Exchange located at 13323 Nacogdoches Rd, Jewelry buyer located at 9500 NE Interstate 410 Loop, or Golden Cash Exchange (We buy Gold) located at 735 SW Military Dr. could be possible spots to sell gold for cash in San Antonio.

Pawn shops in San Antonio where you possibly can sell gold for cash:

Pawn shops have their important reason for being. Compare the offers from the following pawn shops in San Antonio and test them on their reliability and professionalism. Action Pawn located at Crossroads Shopping Center of San Antonio, EZPAWN located at 11763 Blanco Rd, Cash America Pawn located at 4805 W Commerce St, Bill’s Pawn & Jewelry located at 105 S Zarzamora St, or Pronto Pawn located at 1047 Culebra Rd.

Note: The collected addresses are no recommendations they just serve as case examples.</p

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