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Salt Lake City is known for being a great outdoor recreation place, known as host of the 2002 winter Olympics and for religious tourism. But would you expect that one of the most important gold refineries of the US is located in Salt Lake City? It’s true because Johnson Matthey Gold Refining is located in Salt Lake City meanwhile sold to a Japanese Holding. Owing to that circumstances you possibly think now that gold buyers in Salt Lake City are under the best-paying dealers for gold. Sadly, it’s not like that. Well, it should be like that because anyone who buys gold in Salt Lake City can ask Johnson Matthey to do the refining for the consumer-mined gold without losing time for transporting the precious metals to a gold refinery out of town. Gold buyers in Salt Lake City are not more reliable than in other US cities. Mostly, they act like the mass of gold buyers tending to pay little money for awesome gold articles. You should internalize that the gold trading industry doesn’t act consumer friendly and you are confronted with a selling challenge if you want to get paid proper.

We did some investigative research work to lead you into a successful gold-selling transaction. We are endeavored to get your attention before you sell your gold in Salt Lake City to suggest various ways of selling. Our target is to describe how the gold buying industry acts and how you are able to distinguish between a reliable gold buyer and a gold-shark. Prevent yourself from losing money and take our warnings serious.

Where are the gold buyers in Salt Lake City?

Second hand dealers, pawn shops, gold buyers, jewelers, trade-in dealers, consignment stores and auction houses are the places of interest when it comes to sell gold in Salt Lake City. The initially mentioned gold refinery isn’t an option for individuals and even not for small dealers because gold refineries mostly buy only considerable quantities of gold. Some rings, necklaces, coins or dental gold aren’t the merchandise refineries ask for. There is only way around the classic way of selling gold in your neighborhood – the online way. Thanks to the internet which has also revolutionized the gold buying industry with online based buyers like! It’s a big advantage to sell gold online because no strangers can observe you selling gold or other valuables. It’s more safe, discreet and tight-lipped. But you can shop around in Salt Lake City to find your selling luck in the local market. But do us a favor and compare the prices and gain some knowledge. First, almost all jewels bear imprints that allows you to ascertain the purity. 10k gold, 14k gold and 18k gold are common gold jewelry alloys in the US. Spot, sort and weigh your jewelry to use a gold calculator. Consider that gold buyers in Salt Lake City probably make evaluation mistakes – on purpose! Be alerted and know what you own. The industry is greedy, brutal and anti-social. The NY department of consumer affairs once determined that 3 out of 4 gold buyers are in violation with laws and requirements.

Jewelers are not more reliable than pawn shops and pawn shops are not less reliable than jewelers. It is simply luck to meet the good guys and it’s the most luck to meet a gold buyer with good intentions to pay the highest prices. Generally, it doesn’t matter if you compare pawn shops with jewelers or gold buyers. All places can treat you well or unfavorable. An age-old trick to put pressure on a prospective gold seller is a lure. They might offer you “sell now and get 20% more” to get your gold. Don’t break down! It’s a lure! Gold and most jewelry will be sold for the gold price. No gold buyer in Salt Lake City is able to offer you 20% on top if he calculated a purchase offer close to the spot price. The first and most important lesson for you is – don’t sell to the next buyer even if you get offered cash on top.

Sell gold with local gold buyers in Salt Lake City – some addresses

Salt Lake City has lots of options to run a comparison. Companies like Rust Rare Coin, located at 252 E Broadway or Guns & Gold, located at 366 W 600 S or Cash Now Cash for Gold Salt Lake City, located at 3339 S State St or even Monarch Coin Corporation, located at 211 E 3900 S or Legacy Rare Coin Inc, located at 4431 Commerce Dr will bid on your gold. Ask these guys for a quote and consider our selling tips. Furthermore know your gold before you shop around. We have a consumer information program online, called meet an appraiser. It’s free to ask questions about jewelry, gemstones, watches, scrap gold or coins. Our experts will let you know how much money you have to get paid and if you have a sleeper in your lot. Inherited gold or jewelry can hide a surprising value. You never know where your forefathers have been and from whom they have got presents you get in your hands. Always keep in mind that the US is a special place of wealth and here has been wealth since countless decades. Think about the gold rush or the industrial revolution – due to such events, America is extremely rich of assets.

More places to sell gold in Salt Lake City: Pawn Brokers Exchange, located at 158 S State St or Premier Pawn, located at 3721 S State St or even 1st Cash Pawn, located at 3130 S State St or Witzel Sales & Loan, located at 1760 S State St.

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