Gold buyers Richmond, VA

RichmondIf you would like to sell gold in Richmond, Virginia you will find some gold buyers there but not pretty much. The choice of gold buyers in Richmond is ok but not overwhelming. We would estimate that you can find approximately ten places where you can offer your gold for sale in Richmond. There are some classic gold buyers, a pawnshop and some jewelers. Are this places good choices where to sell gold in Richmond Virginia? That’s very questionable. When you search the internet for gold buyers in Richmond, you will soon find the websites of the local gold buyers in Richmond. When you visit their websites what do you notice beside the high-sounding promises? You don’t know? But we do. There are no prices published. Nothing! Zero! 99% of the websites don’t publish any purchase prices, not for gold, silver, or platinum, and even not for diamonds. They write highly promising texts about their company, how the process works, etc. but no single word about the prices they offer for your precious gold. What is the most important indicator to detect a reliable and fair gold buyer? The prices a gold buyer pays you, not more not less, period. The price you can get for your gold is the most important indicator to find out if a gold buyer means it good with you or only with himself. What we miss is the transparency in the gold buying business. It is no wonder why the branch has such a bad image. The price is most important to sell gold in Richmond. But why don’t publish gold buyers their prices on the internet? They could publish their daily quotes per pennyweight or grams. This would give the client a trustful feeling and the client would become the chance to compare the gold prices with other gold buying providers. But what can be the reason why gold buyers don’t share their purchase prices with the public? The obvious suspicion is that gold buyers who don’t publish their prices pay really bad prices. Otherwise, why should they make such a secret of it? We don’t have any secrets and nothing to hide. With our gold calculator you can easily and fully transparent calculate your payout amount. Redollar follows an ethical codex which guarantees that our clients get served with high purchase prices, the best possible and honest advice and the most experience. We believe in human rights and consumer protection. What protects a customer who wants to sell gold against rip off? Yes, the transparency of sharing prices. We strongly doubt that a gold buyer who hides his prices, really offers a fair and transparent purchase of gold. The risk of getting paid too less money is more realistic than making a good cash for gold – deal.

How can I protect myself against a bad selling deal with a gold buyer

The best what you can do to avoid a bad selling experience is to compare some gold buyers and to compare their prices. Unfortunately this can be time consuming but selling too hasty can cost a lot of money, money which you deserve because your gold has a quantifiable value which will be determined on the stock market. What we would like to say is that your gold has a material value which can be calculated by means of the current gold price. Use a gold calculator to calculate a fair price for your gold or consult a pro like the reDollar appraisers, when you need assistance for that process. Never, really never sell your gold below its material value. Especially not when we talk about diamond jewelry, jewelry from special brands like Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels or any other luxury jewelry brand. Every gold buyer has to make a profit, that’s clear, otherwise this business wouldn’t work out very well. But the percentage of the margin makes the poison. A fair profit would be not higher than 10% from the market value of gold. All above that is not a good price to inacceptable or rip off. We heard stories that gold buyers paid a client for an 18k gold necklace, reflecting a material value of $2,500 only $500. Do you really think this is fair? OMG! Of course not! This price is only 20% of the market value. A fair price offer for a necklace with a value of $2,500 would be $2,250. Our company fights against the bad image the gold buying industry has, we will win our fight with excellent prices, full transparency, and a friendly and professional customer support. Test the gold buyers in Richmond and find out if they offer fair conditions and the top dollars they promise.

The biggest problem is unknowingness on part of the buyer and seller

What we see as the biggest problems when it comes to sell gold is the unknowingness, by either party, on the buyer’s side as well as on the seller’s side. Believe it or not but there are thousands of gold buyers out there who can’t differ between the various gemstones, are not able to recognize an antique or rare piece of gold, or even can’t decode hallmarks. Some gold buyers are so tremendously unskilled and unexperienced that a shudder overcomes you. What you can do best to avoid a bad selling experience is to get knowledge by yourself. Don’t trust the self-named gold experts, become an expert yourself and consult an independent appraiser before you start selling conversations with potential gold buyers in Richmond. An appraiser can tell you more about your gold and can perfectly prepare you with all the needed knowledge relating to your gold, before you finally start the selling process. This knowledge can save your money and bewares you from a scam or rip off. When you know what you have and what it is worth, you can negotiate on eye level and nobody can tell you weird stories or tales about your gold. The unskilled gold buyers who don’t have the necessary experience and knowledge to deal with gold, jewelry or diamonds are a big risk for unaware customers. Normally you rely on the buyer of your trust and what he tells you is what you believe. But very often the buyer is not skilled enough and this lack of professionalism leads to bad purchase prices. When a buyer is not 100% sure about what he buys, he needs a buffer in case of a miscalculation. And this price buffer is on your costs and to your disadvantage. So please sell gold in Richmond solely to skilled and professional gold buyers. If you are unsure and you doubt the gold buyer, then better don’t make the deal. Meet our appraisers and ask for advice, it’s our pleasure to help you with your concern.

Places in Richmond you could visit for your gold price comparison:

If you feel ready for selling your gold in Richmond then give this gold buyers a try. Our suggestions are no recommendations we just list the gold buyers in Richmond we could found in the course of our research. Share your experiences with us and tell us more about your personal experiences with local gold buyers. You could visit Kambourian Jewelers located at 3141 W Cary St, or Carreras Jewelers, located at 121 Libbie Ave. Maybe VA PAWN located in 5300 Hull Street Rd is an option for you. Last but not least we found Mj Buyers at 6924 Lakeside Ave #103 and Family Coin & Jewelry located at 10418 Midlothian Turnpike. But please don’t let yourself be fooled by excellent customer reviews. It’s no secret anymore that good reviews can be purchased and faked. Make your own experience and put the gold buyers in Richmond through their paces. reDollar wishes you good luck and if you prefer to make the deal with online gold buyers like us, get started now.

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